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  1. miranda at | | Reply

    ram charan teja, why u no wear shoes?

    1. Melange at | | Reply

      I think it is for religious reasons, going by his attire (Sabarimala Ayyappa devotees)

    2. RS at | | Reply

      In addition to being barefoot, I notice he is wearing black so it looks like he is going on a pilgrimage to Sabari Malai.

    3. Bertie at | | Reply

      he is in a deeksha

    4. Adeli at | | Reply

      He’s in “Deeksha” which is a religious thing men in Southern part of India do in the winter months (for about 45 days) and they cannot wear any colored clothes (except saffron) and cannot wear any shoes either during this time.

    5. SamGirl at | | Reply

      I literally LOLed at your comment. Thank you for that.

      1. Zara at | | Reply

        As did I! God, I love internet memes.

    6. quirky at | | Reply

      ROFL…yeah my question too :P

    7. Monkey at | | Reply

      Err he’s probably put Maalai for Lord Iyappa. It’s like a fast you do for a period of time. Then you go to Sabarimalai and walk barefoot there. It’s one of the toughest pilgrimages ever.

  2. crack at | | Reply

    She looks pretty…even with messy pallu folds…might be due to sitting..
    This Surya man is beyond handsome…

  3. kashmira at | | Reply

    how pretty is her saree!!!love it!!

  4. shriya at | | Reply

    wow! she looks beautiful and i am sooooooo in love with that sari.

  5. Ends at | | Reply

    She is so beautiful ..

  6. Sabah Zaman at | | Reply

    OMGGGG!!! I WAAAANT that sabyasachi sareee NOWWW!!!! I WANT I WANT!!! It so gorgeouuuussss…and shruthi looks gorgeous in it tooo! Love the whole look but wish she could have worn some other earrings instead of the ones thta shes wearing…but she looks great…theres no doubt abt that!

    And that sabya saree….maaan…I so want that saree!! :(

  7. Melange at | | Reply

    Wish she had worn studs instead of danglers. She looks resplendent nevertheless!

  8. Asha at | | Reply

    I sooo want Shruthi’s sari!! beautiful!

  9. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    I think the saree choice is all wrong, totally ages her. Don’t like the earrings, they are clashing with the bangles and the clutch. Not liking the look.

  10. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Btw Surya on the other hand…yum:)

  11. quirky at | | Reply

    …and i WANT that Saree

    Shruti looks beautiful – simple, put together and beautiful – LOVE how she wears that gorgeous saree exactly the way it should be worn and yet looks ATTRACTIVE!!

    and Surya is sooooooooo delish !! O_o

  12. :) at | | Reply

    surya is absolutely delish, he is the definition of hotnesssss and cutenessss combined together, looove him!

    and shruti does look good :)

  13. Ami at | | Reply

    He’s wearing a spiritual dress. He is on Ayappa deeksha for 41 days where people should wear the black shirt and pant and are not allowed to wear footwear. He has to maintain it very spiritually..

  14. shireen at | | Reply

    Shruthi looks lovely. What is with the men and their footwear! One skips it all together, others give a shout out to the 80s Mafia with their white loafers – quite strange!

  15. lolita at | | Reply

    LOL @Miranda…

    When I was in South Indian a decade ago I saw some men do that…even the well-to-do ones…didn’t know they still do that…even with western wear….do they?

  16. forhhc at | | Reply

    Thanks! For Surya ofcourse! Love that you remembered!

  17. SULPHUR at | | Reply

    Shruti looks awesome !
    and i looove ram charan… n surya…. n ofcourse arjun for his dressing sense

  18. meria at | | Reply

    she looks absolutely beautiful!

  19. carrotswithlime at | | Reply

    Shruti looks resplendent.

  20. kasthuri at | | Reply

    This is the best i have seen shruthi dress, ever !! Gorgeous !

  21. Akhila at | | Reply

    Hey her earrings are really lovely they dint really come out well in these set of photos. And also she was wearing a Sabyasachi saree for the audio function of this movie in Tamil. U guys should cover that too.

    Surya was looking dashing in that outfit.

  22. Zina at | | Reply

    BEAUTIFUL saree….i used to have a suit like that….but lost it somehow..:(

  23. Paroma at | | Reply


    Can I challenge her to a duel for that sari :)

  24. Nisha at | | Reply

    I WANT THAT SARI… it is gorgeous… Sabyasachi is a genius…

  25. payal at | | Reply

    no idea who this girl is but she looks soooo purty— but those earrings gots to go

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