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  1. R at | | Reply

    lunch??? she went to a lunch like that???? or u’re over-worked and the captions are not right?
    or maybe i’m too stressed!
    but yeah… kareena rocks this.

  2. mishal at | | Reply

    kareena’s look in funky and it works great! but shriya’s just look cheap for some reason..

    only copy if you can do it better

  3. annie at | | Reply

    I woudn’t have been surprized had she worn that to lunch. There is nothing inappropriate in bollywood.

  4. Nepali at | | Reply

    I like the glittery shorts and that’s about it.

  5. TINA at | | Reply

    Yeah, kareena definitely makes it work. Poor shriya got stuck with a cheapo tacky version of it….

  6. RZ Sokol at | | Reply

    bad outfit on a pretty girl. ’nuff said

  7. Sim at | | Reply

    Kareena works it in a flashy videoclip look whereas Shriya looks plain cheap and tacky.

  8. ngm82 at | | Reply

    yep bad choice! the color/material is too flashy.. fitting is pretty bad.. and her face looks very dull!

  9. KK at | | Reply

    Kareena definitely rocks this look.

  10. U at | | Reply

    Well, size zero has it’s perks.. Everyone whose done the extreme weight loss and toned up body routine has managed to successfully wear very little clothing without looking too vulgar. Shriya Saran’s minute curves suddenly look like too much exposure..

    And why are they even copying this.. This look is so instantly recognizable.. People really have no imagination.. if you want to copy something at least use some common sense and not be so blind about it..

    And imagine wearing this to lunch.. I’d rather have pictures of the spectators and guests at the establishment..

  11. Lalala at | | Reply

    Kareena doesn’t look like a size 0 here, more like a size 6!!

  12. U at | | Reply

    And I forgot.. Kareena wins not because of her size but because of her attitude. I remember this in the movie and she’s very carefree and fun [as far as I remember.. I could be wrong].. Shriya Saran is obviously posing for an actual camera rather than acting but I can’t imagine her looking right at home with those clothes

  13. U at | | Reply

    Oh, and those denims suck big time! That shiny material works so much better.. It’s so casually mismatched.. The denim outfit looks so contrived..

    oh boy, I did have a lot to say..

  14. *A* at | | Reply

    Shriya’s look depresses me…downright tacky!!!

  15. Kimz604 at | | Reply

    I’ve never understood this…could someone please tell me…is kareena kapoor a size Zero by North American standards, india standards, or what? Cuz she definitely wouldn’t be a size zero in Canada…and honestly too much has written about her body “transformation” -she lost weight- she NEEDED to…she was really plump before…funny that no one ever called her fat, because she’s a Kapoor…but I think she looks good NOW- with some meat on those bones.

  16. Pavani at | | Reply

    I loooooooooooooved this outfit of Kareena. I think she looked hotter in this than that stupid bikini. Whoa for real..Shriya went to lunch in this? errrr ok

  17. SMM at | | Reply

    Why did everyone think she wore this to a lunch????/

    Anyway her swimsuit doe snot even fit right and it looks tacky

  18. G at | | Reply

    very bad for shriya… how come she imagined this disaster?
    And Bebo is for sure a rockstar :)

  19. melange at | | Reply

    Kareena looks waay beter. This is definitely a look for the skinnier folks. Shriya’s bikini looks quite tacky too..

  20. the mad momma at | | Reply

    its not the weight. its the ability to carry it off and the attitude. shriya simply doesnt have it.

  21. Mita at | | Reply

    You gotta be kidding , P&P, you LOVED this on KK? A sequined gym shorts?
    I don’t understand this, if wear a bikini, then wear a damn bikini in all its glory. A sequined gym shorts on top? EWWWWWWW

  22. R at | | Reply

    damn! i was gonna use it as an excuse to get leave! ;)

    kareena rocks it not coz of her size.. but the attitude, i think. shriya looks very conscious. and the outfit’s quite tacky as *A* said.

  23. Mita at | | Reply

    Kareena cannot be size zero, she has a sizable butt and its good on her. Size zero pants are not only small in waist, they have very little room for the butt. I wear size 2 and let me tell you, size zeros are the supper skinny asian girls with no butt at all. Not Kareena.
    She looks more like a 4/6 to me .

  24. KT at | | Reply

    at Lalala: kareena looks size 6…???? thats not right. size 6 is much more heavier than this; this skinny in a photograph (when camera adds weight), has to be size 2 or below!

  25. Siddharth at | | Reply

    I think they are both wearing it the right way as per their bodies, if Shriya was wearing the glittery shorts she would have looked really bad in them, they can suit only on Kareena, Shriya looking at her lower body has aptly chosen the denim shorts and I seriously dont find anything wrong with them, they are predictable but they are not bad..
    Its true that Shriya looks dull but thats the face, the denim shorts look right to me for her body

  26. saba at | | Reply

    i cant look beyond shriyas hair….its a photoshoot damn it even hair straight out of water should look fabulous n done!! i dun let my hair look like that on the beach make sure i pull em back or to a side as soon as im out……!!

  27. CocoNUT at | | Reply

    Kareena looks great in her bikini! One thing I like about her is that she’s really confident and comfortable with her sexuality, and it definitely shows in this pic! LOVE the gold hot pants

    Why oh why did they put Shriya in that? She’s a very beautiful, sexy girl, but I hate how the just randomly put an “outfit” together. The swimsuit is super tacky, and isn’t even right for her body. Who ever ‘styled’ her needs to get fired ASAP

  28. Shruti at | | Reply

    I feel like Shriya tries too hard with her swimsuit looks…something about her posturemakes her look strange. It could have still worked somewhat if it weren’t for those shorts..

  29. TJ at | | Reply

    They both look the same size to me! Shriya’s suit doesn’t fit her well at all it’s very loose compared to Kareena’s outfit

  30. Apple at | | Reply

    Kareena : Chic, beautiful, stunning, graceful, sexy

    Shriya: sleazy, ugly, out of shape, vulgar

  31. shivani at | | Reply

    i’m impressed with how toned kareena’s body is. shriya’s swimming costume looks homemade. she needs to hire a stylist.

  32. Anu at | | Reply

    Who would have thought — we’re actually preferring shiny glittery stuff to denim. My, how that girl has worked the outfit!

  33. Kimmy at | | Reply

    Hm. Body-wise, Shriya looks great! I think she did get the short end of the stick on this one though. From the waist up, the suit is somewhat tolerable, but the shorts don’t go well at all. I think, for ONCE, Kareena’s flash has finally worked for her

  34. Apple at | | Reply

    moreover i feel Kareena’s swim wear s a one piece dress and shriya’s outfit just bought from some south indian cheap store with no taste and put together. its tacky but kudo’s to shriya’s who makes it look vulgar. im surprised few of us actually find her pretty…whatever happened to good taste.

  35. K at | | Reply

    omg Kimz604, I hear you!! So much has been written about Kareena’s size 0 and every time I’ve been like … huh????… she is definitely not size 0, not now, not in that picture, not EVER! more like size 4 or so. and yuck, why would anyone want to either?! she looks good with some curves anyway :)

  36. Apple&Pumpkin at | | Reply

    Kareena looks nice but Shreya looks a bit..well……
    indifferent. *shrugs* it definitely does not suit her!

  37. NotASheep at | | Reply

    Didn’t Aishwarya wear some cut-out thing like this in Dhoom 2 or something? i

  38. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    I like it much better on Kareena. I just love how it’s put together on her – the colourful bangles, glittery shorts, carefree attitude and those beachy wavy hair suit her. As for Shriya, the denim shorts look really tacky as well as the hair and that ugly belt/chain needs to change. Btw, Kareena was so NOT a size zero. I dunno how anyone can believe that, it’s very clear she’s not.

  39. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    Oh I forgot to add that material Kareena’s suit is made of is much better quality…even though it’s shiny, Shriya’s satiny material looks a bit tackier.

  40. Navin at | | Reply

    Has anyone even seen kareena without makeup…gosh!!!…shriya looks gorgeous even without makeup in this pic..and she does have the ooomph factor according…ppl who talk ill abt shriya are just downright jealous! LOL!!!

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