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  1. sulky at | | Reply

    While I don’t like this sari myself can I correct you ladies, this is a lehenga style sari not a pre draped sari.The diff being: A pre draped sari is one where the pleats are stitched into place and draped like a normal sari. A lehenga style is one where the bottom looks like a lehenga skirt but is actually the same piece as the rest of the sari.

  2. Bull at | | Reply

    Shriya Saran is my personal pick for the worst dressed Indian actor ever! Whats with her? She could put Amisha Patel to shame with her track record :P

  3. arpitha at | | Reply

    shriya is looking very nice top to bottom.
    kajal’s sari is looking vry bad and hate the flowers around waist belt look and most of all whats with the eye makeup. It looks like under eye color which sometimes cricketers put on or may be she has dressed for halloween :-)

  4. Santhia at | | Reply

    i tink kajal was trying the tribal chic look where white crayon is used to highlight the eyes,read abt it in femina :)

  5. sri at | | Reply

    Kajal probably had dark circles n hence was trying to hide them. shes normally well dressed with good makeup. shriya is overly dressed for every occasion.she loooks lovely here.
    Its good that u guys are following Tollywood celebrity style too. I think its time since most of them are wearing designer wear.

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