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      +1 dated is the word…. of all the amazing creations by the brand she decides to wear this one.

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    this is the best she has looked…EVER. Nothing over the top or fancy but a clean look with a beautifully glowing face to go with that.

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    I couldn’t recognise her. For the first time i liked her.

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    So boring

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    Probably the only Falguni & Shane Peacock dress that I liked. :P Else, their designs are usually so busy and quite ugly. Shriya looks nice here. The colour of the gown is gorgeous and it fits her real well. Pic 2 – what a pretty face! Makeup is flawless too.

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    Very safe look.

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    not bling bling! She has such a gorgeous face!

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    She looks lovely.

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    Shriya looks much polished here but I am the only one seeing those faint undergarment lines!?

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    She’s looking nice.

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    I love it, clean and elegant!
    P&P, are you going to cover the Mysore royal wedding? The bride had some nice clothes on.

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    A huge change from her usually bling you looks.

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    She looks so pretty . She can look pretty. It might be safe , but she looks great. Hope she sticks to simple looks.

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