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  1. Seeta at | | Reply

    Of the three I like Candice’s look the best. It’s not very polished but its appropriate enough for the Rock Awards and she pulls it off. I like the pairing of the dress with the poker straight hair.

    Shriya wears a boring dress but she makes it look good by virtue of being drop-dead gorgeous.

    Amy on the other hand manages to make even Sabyasachi saris look tacky because of the way she wears them so it’s no surprise that she crashes and burns in this tight little mesh and bandage number.

    The way she carries herself reminds me of the women on the UK reality TV show Geordie shore. A beautiful girl but sorely lacking in class and comportment which are far important than looks when it comes to being fashionable.

    1. Peet at | | Reply

      Every word has been plucked out of my head :) down to the Geordie shore reference!

    2. hal at | | Reply

      Oh my God, I can’t LOOK at Amy without thinking of Geordie Shore. I thought she’d been doing a decent job of covering it up for the Indian audience until this appearence, which something tells me is her usual go-to look.

  2. rina at | | Reply

    How can all 3 make black look tacky? Candice pulls it off but Amy who has pulled off some really good looks, is a bit tacky here

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