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  1. dimpy at | | Reply

    she has a gr8 bod but does she always have to dressup slutty…dont like it..only liked her for once in sabsyasachi sarre first n last i guess..

  2. Faiza at | | Reply

    i agree about the blouse…but i think she still loooks beautiful. the Sari is just amazing…i like

  3. suchi at | | Reply

    not quite? you are too generous. it looks ridiculous

  4. Saffana at | | Reply

    sigh…..I see the Sabyasachi she wore that day hardly made an impact on her…….

  5. charan at | | Reply

    This would have been a great look if she had covered the
    blouse :(

  6. Shi at | | Reply

    ITs a nice saree worn terribly! Btw Mona Singh wore the same saree on the second episode of Jhalak Dikhlaja

  7. Leena at | | Reply

    why? why? why?
    why does she always go so wrong except for the last look in the sabya saree. she has got great hair/figure and face, everything going for her. If only she could dress better

  8. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Hate the half boob show. Agree with ur comments otherwise.
    The saree is nice and wld have looked awesome when worn well which this female doesnt.

  9. Samara at | | Reply

    Both the blouse and sari look bad. But her face , hair , body looks great.

  10. sinlesschocolate at | | Reply

    this is so tacky ..it looks like a 1980’s table cloth

  11. irritated at | | Reply

    urgh, when is she ever going to stop that one boob draping…soooo annoying!!!!! it looks vulgar and cheap!!!!

  12. Naina at | | Reply

    its a shantanu goenka sarree…a kolkata based designer

  13. Adara at | | Reply

    Such a waste of a pretty face. She has nice b**bs but still can’t get a well tailored blouse with a proper cup? That area of the blouse looked weird even in the sabya one.

  14. bongbabe at | | Reply

    sari is tacky, sorry PnP.

    saran is SUCh a beautiful woman. she could give any model/actress a run for their money. pity she doesnt know how to dress.

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