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  1. Sassy_girl at | | Reply

    Beautiful dresses .. NO. 2,3 are very impressive .

  2. CocoNUT at | | Reply

    I reallly like what shriya has on, the design on it is really simple and cute.

    I LOVE the dress in the middle!

  3. _*Dia*_ at | | Reply

    WOW! i’m drooling over the dresses n the richness that the colours evoke! chic, yet traditional!

  4. nefertiti at | | Reply

    The blouse that goes with the lehenga is very cute.

  5. Sumi at | | Reply

    I love the 2 outfits on the right, I could never wear something like that with my gut, but a girl can dream!

  6. kismett at | | Reply

    really like the dress shriya is wearing, and in the top pic with mic she looks really good.

    but in the older pics “last spotted” not too good.

  7. Addicted at | | Reply

    Very pretty dress…agree that its a day dress meant for casual occasions. I dont know what it is about Shriya but she never looks great in any of the clothes she chooses! She should take a few lessons from Genelia…thats one girl who knows how to work her clothes!

  8. R at | | Reply

    i totally LOVE the dress in the middle.

  9. spongy at | | Reply

    @addcted…exactly my thots…i always find her borin n sad..

  10. keya at | | Reply

    love all of them
    what a fabulous use of colors…

  11. Kimmy at | | Reply

    The lehenga, the dresses…amazing!

  12. Ava at | | Reply

    This seems like one of the designers who actually knows what he’s talking about;specially after his interview!

  13. dn at | | Reply

    Love the lehenga… the combination of red and grey works wonders…

  14. Megha at | | Reply

    omg i love all three

    but the one in the middle is to die for!!!

  15. sumi at | | Reply

    shriya finally works this dress well…shes already worn it 2wice

    3rd time lucky!

  16. ak at | | Reply

    i am seriously in love with that lehnga. where does anand kabra sell?

  17. alisha at | | Reply

    i like the first dress really simple yet exotic-y design…and btw who is shriya seran…im havin the hardest time placing her??

  18. Rachita at | | Reply

    Shes looking like Amrita Rao in the first pic…

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