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  1. lola at | | Reply

    I have never quite understood the fascination with BCBG i mean thier dresses are not that fascinating nor that great…well only some are…and this is definitly not one of them.

  2. Megha at | | Reply

    it looks to me like she’s wrapped in strips of metal
    not a flattering colour on her

  3. suchi at | | Reply

    actually she is looking quite nice here. black shoes would have been better

  4. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    The dress is very stylish, but she looks very behenji-like no matter what she wears. Agree with the silver OD.

  5. pdaervo at | | Reply

    this dress makes her looks lumpy…
    not very flattering

  6. pinkster at | | Reply

    There is a very similar Herve Leger dress on the Saks website. Was wondering when the Herve ‘inspired’ versions would be out

  7. kimmy at | | Reply

    I like to bustline on the dress, but it gets pretty odd looking around the hips. She does look good, but she would have done better to pick a different color shoe and accessory.

  8. Fancy Nancy at | | Reply

    Hmmm…..she looks ok. She wore these earrings to the Max Stardust Awards too.

  9. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    her face is very indian. she would look nice in more traditional clothes, or even traditional/fusion outfits. her face and body are not for these types of clothes. i can see someone like twinkle completing glamming up the gold version of this otherwise average dress.

  10. zara at | | Reply

    PeachBellini, I have to disagree with you. Just because she has more “traditional” Indian looks (whatever that means…South Asians vary so much in appearance) doesn’t mean she should be confined to Indian clothes. I would argue that people like Genelia and Freida Pinto have “traditional” looks as well, and they have looked amazing in Western outfits.
    The dress is simply not great. It looks cheap and unflattering (even on the stick-thin model). Even someone as fashion-conscious as Twinkle wouldn’t be able to pull it off.
    More than anything, it’s the way Shriya’s styled that makes her look bland. A change in makeup and hair would do wonders for her.

  11. trivialimagery at | | Reply

    Does everybody from the film industry get invited to these award shows? At the Oscars, you only have the nominees in droves…and i think the guest list varies every year. Eh! about her…why is she around? Can’t bother to comment

  12. preeti at | | Reply

    dress is nice ….and thats it …

  13. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    @ zara: we agree to disagree.

  14. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    oh and btw, just wanted to say that in no way was i implying that she ought to be “confined” to indian clothes. the bottom line just comes down to the fact that she needs to know what looks good on her and what doesn’t.

  15. ambreen at | | Reply

    i really really like the dress :)

  16. Fatima at | | Reply

    she looks like she’s just come of the sets of a sci-fi movie, that silver dress is too much. and then the accessories are there to make it worse!

    tooo space-suity (i know that aint a word…!)

  17. xoxo at | | Reply

    from the angle of the first pic..her whole figure looks so bad…like the dress she looks ok bt love it on the model

  18. lisa at | | Reply

    she looks like an iron women, waiting to get hit by a bullet?

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