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  1. deepa sousa at | | Reply

    Someone spent all her pocket money on street shopping at Fashion Street. Such a random choice of well …. random things.

  2. Paroma at | | Reply

    Without the jacket, and with different shoes, this might have worked.
    But at the moment I can’t see past the hair…it looks terrible!

  3. kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    I love Shraddha, really i do. I think she is incredibly beautiful.

    BUT those Fugly hair extensions have got to go! Like what-the-actual-HEyyy!!!

  4. Nikki at | | Reply

    The oxfords do look odd with those pants.

  5. MockJay at | | Reply

    Those brown oxfords make my eyes bleed, looking at it together with those pants. The belt does not look correctly placed. Is it fashionable to wear a belt like that, above the pants on the waist? Damn, I feel like a grandma.

    The tank top could have been more low cut to keep the look more balanced. She looks cute and all, but what’s with the over-accesorizing?

    1. Jazz at | | Reply

      No No. Just coz some fashion victim tries a dumb trend doesn’t make us Grandmas. There’s something called Aesthetic sense. Which clearly Shraddha (and whoever wears a belt like that) does not have.

      1. Anuja at | | Reply

        Love! Couldn’t agree more!

  6. Kritcee at | | Reply

    Absolutely agree with you. The two-toned hair doesn’t look good and the oxfords seriously don’t have a business there. And I really really wonder why should she pair that pants with THAT shirt?

  7. Ena at | | Reply

    She’s a very pretty girl but this is one odd outfit. In the quest to be off-beat and quirky, its gone quite out of control. The shoes, in particular dont work. Open gladiator sandals may have been a better idea.

  8. sahana at | | Reply

    She dare to do something different and she wins I like everything about this outfit overall though I am not sure what to say on each peice.

  9. sahana at | | Reply


  10. resh at | | Reply

    what a wheyyy!!.. horrid display of attire .. shes trying toooooo damn hard to look different and stand out but failing miserably…

  11. kasthuri at | | Reply

    This is WTHeyy. The extensions are just bad.

  12. Monika at | | Reply

    Those oxfords certainly do not belong here!

  13. arpitha at | | Reply

    It should be WTHeyy.
    Though Shradda is a simple beauty but this looks like she wore whatever came to her hand & the hair extensions ewww !!!
    Those pants needed a white or light blue tank, sandals, and a pony.

  14. Adara aunty at | | Reply

    Give me some shift dresses and pulled back hair shraddha. Pumps too. Learn from karismakapoor.

  15. A at | | Reply

    12th century bandit much?

    1. Sheena at | | Reply

      +1 gave me a dharam-veer flashback (the 70’s movie)
      Just try something young, short and flirty Shraddha.

  16. Neharika at | | Reply

    Do I like this look? No but do I admire shraddha for her unique style. Hell yes !! I am glad she is not following the band wagon,

    1. Matahari at | | Reply

      She’s one gorgeous girl with a very unique & lovely style out there in B-town a.k.a everyone is trying too hard all the time!
      P.S for everyone else she’s promoting “Ek Villain” & she’s indees in character for the movie!

  17. Foram at | | Reply

    I saw the trailer of the movie and from what it looks like, I think she has gone for the ‘in character’ look.

  18. RM at | | Reply

    Those pants are cute, but the earrings and the hairstyle/hair color are killing it for me. I wish she had done a ponytail because as is there’s too much going on.

  19. Rajvi at | | Reply

    I think shes in character for the movie.. If youve seen the promos ull knw.. She plays a v boho character

  20. lazyU at | | Reply

    It’s very university studentish look. Not sure how it’s appropriate at a promotion event but it’s quite cute as a street look. Would like to chop off the extra bits of non-black hair.

  21. sukh at | | Reply

    she is uber pretty, but this did not work. She was trying for a boho chick vibe ( like Kalki sometimes) but this is just mismatched.

  22. Fashionmadness at | | Reply

    With that face you wear these clothes?!? i mean she has such pretty face….does not go with her personality at all…

  23. Nav at | | Reply

    What even is this outfit trying to convey? Laid-back but creative? This has to be one of the worst ensemble’s I have seen this season. She has single handedly ruined two pieces of clothing that could’ve otherwise looked amazing.

  24. Samantha at | | Reply

    The outfit is okay, I think maybe different shoes would’ve been better and maybe if the bottoms where the same material/print but in skirt form. As far as the hair it looks like there was no effort at all to find suitable extensions for her hair type or blend them properly .

  25. Amodini at | | Reply

    What is this? Wear Your Mismatching Separates To Work day? Awful!

  26. Indu at | | Reply

    Oh my! She reminds me of one of those gypsies…. is the movie gypsy themed?

    I guess she was shooting for the bohemian chic…epic fail!

    1. kiwimangoes at | | Reply

      lolllllll serious epic fai! i mean what on earth is she trying to pull off here? relly not sure! think its high time she hired a stylist

  27. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

    I like.

  28. payal jain at | | Reply

    I too like shraddha but war has she done! It’s not like u wear anything designer n it will make u look good! We need to use our senses too! It’s a complete mess! Like d pants though..

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