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  1. Saya at | | Reply

    She looks fabulous. The white & lace suits her serene personality. I love the way that she never dresses up OTT or shows up as a wannabe with stupid pouts, hair colors and clothes that don’t fit.

    1. Malaise at | | Reply

      Look at her body. She doesn’t need to fit into smaller clothes. It’s the ones that try to look slimmer than they are who do that.

      I’m trying to visualize the dress without the lacy part and she would have rocked the look. But still like it. Wish it was a tad bit shorter. That camera clutch needs to be trashed.

    2. Avani at | | Reply

      So bloody true -> “clothes that don’t fit”part. Many celebrities try to wear sizes too small to make them look slimmer which is so trashy and utterly stupid. Most importantly there a quite a few who appear here who are clueless about what suits their body type.

  2. sree at | | Reply

    Forget the dress.. $6000 for a CLUTCH?!?

    1. Saya at | | Reply

      LOL. But it is LEIBER! :P

      1. sree at | | Reply

        hahaha I’m all for designer wear but there has to be limit! The clutch prob cost more than her dress and shoes put together!

  3. resh at | | Reply

    the maxi is doing nothing for her in terms of style and appeal…

  4. Livdiva at | | Reply

    I think her dress + shoes + a real camera would be less than $6000 :-D
    I loved the dress on the model but not on her… I think it’s the lip color that’s not doing it for me.

  5. Adara at | | Reply


  6. poppy at | | Reply

    Are her eyes naturally green/very light brownish or are they dark brown/black? I ask this because in most older posts , she has green eyes.

  7. Violet at | | Reply

    Hate the maxi and the make-up.

    At a comment above: she doesn’t need to wear clothes that don’t fit ’cause she is naturally slim and petite. That comment was an uncalled for pot-shot at more voluptuous/healthy women who are put to so much more scrutiny. I say this because I myself have a frame/body type like Shradha and I don’t have to think even half as much as better endowed women have to to escape the over-zealous scrutiny of the women scrutiny brigade.

    1. Malaise at | | Reply

      Lol..way to project what wasn’t intended into my comment, lady. I didn’t make any mention of the ‘voluptuous/healthy’ people..You don’t have to be fat (or ‘healthy’) to try and fit into smaller clothes. Even the average sized people do it. Hence my ‘people who want to look slimmer than they are’ verbiage.

      And shradda isn’t petite. Not all slender girls are petite and not all petite girls are slender. Or ‘unhealthy’ :p.

      1. Violet at | | Reply

        Wasn’t for you, love. It was for the lady you replied to earlier.

  8. Pav at | | Reply

    I actually find this OTT for a premiere of a film that she is not starring in. But what I find disturbing is the price of that clutch – a ridiculous amount of money for an incredibly gimmicky accessory that is worth how much it is worth only because it has a brand attached to it. I wonder how people this wealthy make purchasing decisions – budget, frequency of use, value for money –? Very interesting.

  9. lina at | | Reply

    i don’t like the clutch but there’s a certain confidence that comes with owning uber-luxury items. i mean she is not in the league of the deepika-katrina-kareena-anushka-etc earners but she can afford to by $6000 clutches is a good ego boost. also, i am wondering why they price it 5595…i mean surely the demographic that cares for such purchases would not care about the $5 saving from a round $6000

  10. LCoodly at | | Reply

    Dont like it. Not elegant at all.

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