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    The dress is a major snooze fest but the shoes are cute!

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      Those are Zara sandals. Love them.

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    I prefer this to Katrina’s 45k dress.

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    This is a copy of an ESPIRIT dress which i picked up in 2009 . I have the exact same dress with a boat neck.

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    There is some kind of serenity and calmness she radiates which I am fond of. She looks pretty. Great stems. ;)

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      This. Understated elegance. She is one of those who you would pick from a crowd just cause of the calmness she seems to radiate. She might be a screaming banshee in real life, I dunno.

      1. rs at | | Reply

        That is a funny picture. Shraddha, a screaming banshee :) I agree, she looks very serene and her movie roles have all helped to cement that image. I’d like to see her in a kangna style troubled woman avatar in a movie and see if she can pull that off.

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          I feel she will be able to do justice to any kind of role. She is a good actor from what I have seen her perform.

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    I never noticed this before – she has got bony and unsightly legs!

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    I mean,how can one be soo boring and meh..all the time!!!She needs top get some life and experiment with fashion and looks…

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    Pale, wan and listless…as usual.

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