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    Could you please explain what your ‘housewife’ kind of comparison mean? I find them really offensive. Most of our moms and grand-moms are housewives and they have their own dignity and poise in terms of dressing. If you don’t like these tv soap kinda hairdos kindly find some other adjective and avoid using terms like ‘housewife’, ‘sister’wife’ etc.

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      We are referring to the looks in Bravo TV’s Real Housewives series. Not actual housewives… And sister-wife is a term more prevalent in the US from the Mormon culture where polygamy is practiced…

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        Thanks for clarifying. I did not get those references. Guess I have better things to watch that bravo TV .. Lol

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          +1 May be even I watch better things than sister-wife and housewife;

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          Guess we all do watch Bravo since we get the references instantly. Shame for you I guess…. “lol”.

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          These are pop culture references in the US. Not understanding them is fine, but why get snarky after receiving an explanation?

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            Guys it was just said in jest. I watch a lot of crap myself and have a lot of guilty pleasures. I wasn’t trying to be snarky. guess the humor gets lost in the comment.

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            Well said. I love me some Real Housewives shows. What I don’t like are such holier than thou responses to Payal’s clarification.

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          Was the condescension necessary?!

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    Love the suit and Shraddha wears it really well. Yeah, the hair may be a downer, but not as tacky as your description HCC.

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    Thest hairdo killed the look.

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    This look reminds of Janice, Chandler’s girlfriend, from TV Show Friends..” OHH MY GODD!!”

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      Thank you! It was annoying me not knowing who she reminded me of. I finally settled on Shakti Kapoor in one of his movies.

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      omg yes, bang on. I knew that the look reminded me of someone but I just couldn’t recollect and that was nagging me. Thanks for putting my mind to rest.

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      OH. MY. GAWD!

      Bang on :-)

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      Bang on..

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    Her stylist does work hard to put together different looks for Shraddha and while she does look good in almost all of them (no easy feat! never found her tacky or inappropriate) she lacks the zing. Certain looks (like this one) require a personality to pack a punch but in her case it falls quite flat. Love the suit, though.

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    Going by the post, why is it a bad thing that her style is less ‘Brooklyn hipster’? To me that’s a good thing! :P

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    I think for once we should not draw similarities to some ‘housewife’ if the person in question looks lovely. Moreover, the way P&P mention it, they make the word look disparaging!

    Anyway, in my opinion, she looks classy here! The hairstyle was done to make her give a “tall” appearance with the attire given Shraddha’s short frame. She is totally rocking it. Love the makeup!

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    A complete miss form the otherwise well dressed Shraddha.

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    Yikes! My eyes . Just becUse it’s an Armani and its Shraddha Kapoor wearing it , does not make it ok. The fit also looks off and there way too much print. Reminded me of the 80s and the black and white snow on our TVs

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