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  1. Kumar at | | Reply

    poor thing always comes off tryin hard to be different yet fails each time.

  2. sp at | | Reply

    well if she needs to pose with bunch of jewelery for the launch… this works as a blank canvas outfit!

  3. mj15 at | | Reply

    here’s a shout out to Ishu mama of Anoml- anything from/about Anmol gets my support…always, any time!! thay are the best and they are the kings of relationship management…period!!
    and shraddha looks awight :-)

  4. rina at | | Reply

    Ok. This is not working. At all

  5. Clueless at | | Reply

    This cross between a pageant dress and a salwar is one big mess!

  6. Puja at | | Reply

    beautiful Indian face with horrible dress..
    reminds me of Amrita Rao…

  7. PM at | | Reply


  8. Mumbadiva at | | Reply

    There’s nothing nice about this appearance. Sorry.

  9. zeeniebb at | | Reply

    This is giving me a late 90s flashback when there was a (thankfully short-lived) trend of wearing velvety lycra kurtas with a sheer churidar. On top of the hideous fabric, the top part looks like a sari with a bad blouse and the half-boob show. I do like the colour on her though.

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