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  1. Coffee at | | Reply

    Rolling my eyes at your coordination comment. Seriously? Who cares, she looks good.

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    2. rad at | | Reply

      totally agree, P&P nitpicking in the extreme

    3. Amodini at | | Reply

      Actually, I kinda see P&P’s view – she looks like she’s wearing the neem scrub!

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  2. Vini at | | Reply

    Shraddha looks lovely here and I like the dress. Looks like no pleasing you P&P, what is it about co-ordinating outfit and event? I liked the clutch on the model and wish she carried one too.

  3. Sandy at | | Reply

    She looks good , there’s no issue about coordinating the dress and the event..

    1. Tania at | | Reply

      +1. Stop nitpicking guys.
      She looks absolutely lovely.

  4. chennaidiva at | | Reply

    fresh n sprightly…she looks lovely

  5. sree at | | Reply

    She looks cute and classy!

  6. Rajvi at | | Reply

    Haha get your point..i felt the same P&P

  7. Shreya at | | Reply

    Wow I really loved her dress …. detailing is superb and that bow belt is so cute :)

  8. Chez at | | Reply

    She looks lovely, my only gripe is that bow.

  9. Husn at | | Reply

    She looks good and the dress is appropriate for the event ..
    Being a follower of your blog since it’s initial days .. can’t believe i read something like ..
    ” just wish she hadn’t coordinated the dress and the event i” …
    you girl’s weren’t this nitpicky ! *eye roll*

    1. Fashionizta at | | Reply

      True I did think the same. I prefer the old P&P come back gals echo echo
      Shradha looks gorgeous. I luv the look head to toe.

  10. apeksha at | | Reply

    she looks like the neem tree :-).. cute look

  11. rs at | | Reply

    You are funny PnP, with your co-ordination gripe. She looks cheery and adorable.

  12. Tina at | | Reply

    She looks perfect for the event!

  13. Ragini at | | Reply

    Hahaha. she looks cute . Maybe the co-ordination shows her hidden sense of humor ;)

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  14. Djd at | | Reply

    The coordinating comment is so absurd. Of course the sponsors will want u to dress that way. Does it make sense to dress like u have nothing to do with the product being endorsed?

  15. nkb at | | Reply

    that’s being unnecessarily harsh.

  16. mk at | | Reply

    Got to agree with PnP here. She looks cute n all but in-ur-face green flowers is a *little* too much. Just something green could have kept the sponsors happy. .

  17. nav at | | Reply

    Haha maybe she wanted to show people what the scrub actually looked like :P
    Jokes aside, I’ve noticed lots of Indian celebrities do this at product launches and such. Perhaps the producers/sponsors are suggesting this? Just a thought.

  18. ada at | | Reply

    The look is defintely put together in mind with the product and rightly so .She looks lovely without looking clownish to promote a product she endorses . Very few achieve it when it comes to looking good while promoting a product .

  19. pooh at | | Reply

    She looks lovely..no second thoughts..can’t help it but I find all her looks so similar n safe!!!! In dire need of seeing her experimenting with her looks..she should go for it.she has a barbie face,perfect body & that class & all her looks bore me with these only…would love to see her rebel!!! Apart she looks lovely dovey..:-)

  20. Slc at | | Reply

    Except for the green bow it’s not such abad look.

  21. MoreKittenHeels at | | Reply

    I see why P&P may think it looks a bit much, it being obvious and all. But this certainly helps recall. If you notice, all ads for maggi will have the mom flaunting a yellow and red outfit. That’s true for many brands. Brands/Sponsors may suggest this.

  22. Saya at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous. I love how the dress is kind of cutesy and Shraddha makes the look work for her in her usual classic serene style.

  23. varsha at | | Reply

    I want this dress.. somebody help me … cutie pie dress :) I want this :(

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