1. WHAT?? is this a new uniform?? i mean why? and she is looking so different..i could not even find out she is shonali in first look…

  2. It looks like she forgot her churidaar….The orange inner layer is clingy and not in a good way….and that double mary jane with this?….jeez louise!

  3. ugly ugly… looks like she forgot her churidaar.. and that visible orange liner makes it tacky

    PS: i dont think she is shonali nagrani

  4. Is FS doling them out as freebies? So many of her flamingo prints on so many people in such a short span of time, that is the only explanation I can think of.. or that she has great friends who are trying to be loyal, because it isn’t even a great print or craftsmanship!
    I hope this print goes away soon, did not like it the first time, do not like it now after umpteenth sightings!
    On an aside, Thanks to slow loading of page, the first thing I saw was Shonali Nagrani’s face (esp. in the second pic), what is with that scared look and that horrifying make up? She has such a bubbly happy personality, it is hard to believe it is her :(

  5. FS may have done well with crop tops / prints but she has real problems with fitting … none of the flamingo sightings (without exception) have fit well … get a better tailor or go and relearn draping for different body types


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