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  1. fashionfever at | | Reply

    Wow…She lost sll the baby weight so fast… even more skinnier…Looks good.

  2. Adara at | | Reply

    The blow out suits the dress. She looks good as always.

  3. sree at | | Reply

    guess she shops at Target too haha

  4. aman at | | Reply

    Somebody tell this woman to moisturize her legs. Look at those knees.

  5. kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    Looking good. No complaints. Sometimes sticking to what works best is actually what works best.

    Someone explain the black ankle thread please. thank you.

  6. Sev at | | Reply

    I’ve been meaning to point this out-but what is the thread around one of her ankles? I’ve seen her sister wear something seemingly similar around her ankle. Is it a religious totem?

  7. Cheeky Thing at | | Reply

    i like the look if you ignore the ask knees ! … she luks super hot and healthy ..reg the Black thread .. my mom wears it too only as a totem to avoid the severe arthritic pain she often gets .. i see no such problem here ;))

  8. Nat at | | Reply

    Love how she looks..But what’s with the ashy knees? She should invest in a good moisturizer!

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