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  1. Marya at | | Reply

    Interesting dress but it looks better on the runway. Nowhere close to the original herve leger bandage dress. Now thats a classic ;)

  2. kismet at | | Reply


    not liking the dress much, do love that blue colour, but your right toooo much blue going on at the event.

    Shilpa neck down looking wow as usual, not to fond of the hair and make-up though, she has looked better.

  3. suri at | | Reply

    I do like the dress, perhaps its the wrong event. See what you mean about the shoes, something is off. First I thought it was because her toenails should have been painted but not sure. She had an amazing figure!

  4. Baby at | | Reply

    Usually I love Shilpa’s look, but the shoes are all wrong. Plus the makeup is too bland & her hair is way too flat or limp looking.

  5. Surbhi at | | Reply

    she amazes me every single time! I want her genes!

  6. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    I think a lighter-colored dress would have worked much better. She has no fat to hide, so can wear light colors without fear.
    The hair+makeup+shoes are not working either.

  7. cooks at | | Reply

    It looks really too tight…lovely color though.

  8. scribbler at | | Reply

    i am biased. she would look perfect even in rags, i like her here as well

  9. k= at | | Reply

    ahhh what a hot body!!! how does she say no to cookies? how? how? how?

    i think the shoes go well with the dress. actually, i cant see past the hot body haha. if an indian had to be labelled barbie, it would be shilpa. same hair and that bodyy!!! omg i need to stop now.

  10. Sumi at | | Reply

    Oh man, what I would give to have a figure like that, she rocks in whatever she wears, go girl!

  11. debs at | | Reply

    god…the figure one has to have to even look at that dress at the store!!!this woman gives me a complex…not an ounce of fat…and she has been like this for years…amazing.
    i quite like the shoes. hair/makeup could have been much better.

  12. K.K. at | | Reply

    That dress is so tight!! The little embroidery (or whatever is on the left shoulder) looks like little worms!! I think a little lighter shade of blue would’ve looked better.. the black and blue look almost the same. I hate the booties! UGLY UGLY SHOES.. And I think her hair and make up look just fine.

  13. Chandi at | | Reply

    Love the dress..hate the shoes

  14. Monkey at | | Reply

    Strange, there’s no bling. Very unlike Shilpa :)

  15. me at | | Reply

    to wear a dress that tight and not have a tiny piece of skin or fat in a wrong place is what only Shilpa can do, she is the only actress that makes a dress look better than what it looks like on the runway, I hate her she is so perfect

  16. me at | | Reply

    oh about shoes, I think if she picked a Choe silver sandels it would have been wonderful, Navy and silver goes hand on hand

  17. FOB at | | Reply

    I don’t know man…..it looks like Shilpa’s own version of a body-suit. Doesn’t look like a dress to me..

  18. Not A Sheep at | | Reply

    She looks awesome! Who in the world can look like that in that dress? Sometimes it ain’t about the dress but about the way it fits — case in point.

  19. AMM at | | Reply

    I don’t like the shoes – can’t really tell much abt the dress to me its blending with the background

  20. mizfashion at | | Reply

    the dress looks okay on shilpa…not the very best…but she definitely needs to get rid of those shoes…

  21. Marya at | | Reply

    I dont know..i think shilpa’s aged the dress and made it rather boring and conservative (not to mention the bad choice in footwear-those are some fugly shoes). The model on the runway gives the dress a fresh and interesting twist, accessorizing it with mink gloves and metallic footwear.

  22. melange at | | Reply

    Yes, it wud have been a great outfit if it weren’t for all the blue around. I sort of hav a figure like dat (atleast i think i do)…but I do wish i had such glowing skin.
    oh btw…i think those booties are plain ugly.

  23. Carol at | | Reply

    No, that dress looks way better on the modeil – elegant. For some reason (maybe the shoes and hair), it looks tacky on Shilpa even with her great body.

  24. Enne at | | Reply

    OMG i love the dress and she wears it perfectly minus the shoes. too bad she’s blending in with the background!

  25. priya at | | Reply

    nice dress. and those are one of the most awful pairs of shoes i have ever seen in my whole life!

  26. dipti at | | Reply

    she models it better than the model!
    agree that another day event and she would have shone, its too dark for a night time event.

  27. MM at | | Reply

    minus the shoes.. i think she looks really good.. she truly has a hot body without being too skinny, too big of a head etc. etc.i love the navy and black combo too..

  28. jaanetuyajaanena at | | Reply


  29. sheebs at | | Reply

    Agree with k= lol. Who cares abt the dress if you have a body like that.what a stunner!

  30. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I LOOOVE the dress :D but I think the hair and makeup don’t match the sort of edgy look
    she always looks the same neck up :/

  31. zara at | | Reply

    I think Shilpa pulls off the dress really well. However, the booties are hideous, and metallic shoes would have given the outfit some visual interest. I also think she should have pulled her hair back to showcase the very lovely neckline.
    Because it is such a classic dress, a red lip and simple eye makeup would have been a great look.
    As an aside, I admire Shilpa for how hard she has obviously worked to tone her body. It’s one thing to be naturally slim (like Aishwarya) and not have to work out regularly, but Shilpa was once on the heavier side when she first started out. She looks healthy and athletic, which is probably why her skin is always glowing!

  32. nicole g. at | | Reply

    the peeptoe opening in front is a little too wide. her toes look like they’re sticking out of it. maybe a strappy pair of peeptoe-boots with a smaller bout will compliment the look better. but otherwise, tres chic! i like!

  33. SMM at | | Reply

    I like th dress but most certainly not the shoes. They’r hideous to say the least

  34. Missy at | | Reply

    I’ve noticed that a lot of Bollywood actors wear a black thin string on their ankle. Is is style or for religious purpose? (similar to the wrist band) Off topic but very curious :)

  35. Protyasha at | | Reply

    She fills it out FAR better than the runway model, i can’t help but notice.

  36. Ranjani at | | Reply

    She has the perfect body for that dress…but those shoes need to go now!

  37. Pinkchoclate at | | Reply

    She does look good in it..better than the model..however, with more sunshine around it could have looked faaar better. I dont mind the blue, its the lighting I belive is the problem.Oh yes I agree the shoes are a no no!!

  38. preeths at | | Reply

    eowww. those are a seriously ugly pair of witch booties…

    but what a body! i mean even daniel-lip-smacking-craig has said she has a great body! who are we to deny bond :)))

  39. fiona at | | Reply

    love it

  40. KK at | | Reply

    Just watched Project Runway – 3rd episode and Heidi Klum has this same dress on. She looks really really good! You guys should do a “who wears it better – International Edition” to see who wins!! :)

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