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  1. Monika at | | Reply

    wow…fab!! everything comes together so well. Love the top!

  2. sree at | | Reply

    I love this head to toe!! She looks completely fab.

  3. Saya at | | Reply

    What stems! Whoa! She looks too good.

  4. Éclat at | | Reply

    Over- accessorised as usual. Necklace, watch, shoes, purse, various diamond rings and holy threads. That’s about 5 things too many.

    1. Violet at | | Reply


  5. S.I. at | | Reply

    That necklace was unnecessary, hair should have been pulled back, the neons don’t add anything.

  6. Ashes of Roses at | | Reply

    Yummm!! Totally a yummy mummy!!

  7. Birnda at | | Reply

    Its nice. She is too hot.

  8. Saloni at | | Reply

    I really liked really her clutch, would certainly try to get something same like this.

  9. bweeze at | | Reply

    Loving that clutch! I don’t get the shoes though.

  10. naughtytrini at | | Reply

    Is she preggy?

  11. SS at | | Reply

    what a dumb clutch! It looks like a toy camera to me.. I consider myself really open minded when it comes to fashion- but crap like this is just so gimmicky! its like my daughter saying.. I want to carry a bag shaped like a doll outside… sillyness

  12. Amodini at | | Reply

    That face and that bod, and this is what she wears?

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