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  1. ishani at | | Reply

    Gorgeous. It flaunts her fab body.

  2. Ritu at | | Reply

    Too blingy for me….n i cant take these net lehengas at all. So what its on “TV”….cant one look elegant everywhere?!!!

  3. S at | | Reply

    omg. she has an incredible figure! I’m putting this pic in front of my treadmill for motivation.

  4. J_street at | | Reply

    In less than a year, she is back with her banging bod and she had done a fab job at restricting herself on the accessories but but but…just for fun…
    jiski biwi Shilpa, uska bhi bada naam hai…
    wire se chipkado, light fixture ka kya kaam hai!
    Sorry Shilpa!

  5. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Thank God this show is done. She will now get done with this tack fest too and the real Shilpa Shetty will emerge soon!!!

  6. Nazneen at | | Reply

    This is designer wear by a high society regular? Looks like one of the cheap stuff that the women wear in Ekta Kapoor’ saas-bahu soaps.

  7. kasthuri at | | Reply

    I cant be bothered about the clothes when her figure is like THAT. How does she do it.

    1. Shalini at | | Reply


  8. Rajvi Bhow at | | Reply

    I can stilll understand y nandita chose fashion as her profession..but y do celebs choose her over other more talented designers is what I fail to und.. That aside im amazed at how shilpa has regained her fab body..gradually but she’s back!!

    1. justcasually at | | Reply


  9. Rashmi at | | Reply

    Tacky! I dont remember her wearing one good outfit the whole season!

  10. s at | | Reply

    Too bright and gaudy, but as always with her: WOW what a KILLER bod!

  11. aj at | | Reply

    Oh my god! The woman is back in shape…. And how!

  12. arpiitha at | | Reply

    the pink color on the lehenga & dupatta, and bracelet spoil the look

  13. anon at | | Reply

    Her makeup is always kinda gaudy, and that ugly tiered lehnga does no justice to the body underneath! Wish she had chosen something from Sabyasachi instead.

  14. Aathira at | | Reply

    She had a kid and is back with a bang! Amazing work!

  15. Lovely at | | Reply

    Her face makeup is too severe, also the hair colour… something too synthetic looking about her makeup and hair. And the outfit, it’s not about taste, it’s about connections. How bollywood everyone is sucking up one another. The designer is dressing this celebrity only on the merit of friendship

  16. Hema at | | Reply

    Damn, how did she get back to shape so soon? What a fab figure and she seems to look younger every day. Lehenga is meh…the color washes her out.

  17. Anamika at | | Reply

    Can some Magazine please do an interview about how she lost all her post pregnancy fat. Please!!! It would help lots of pregnant women and mothers who have given up on their bodies after having children. She is a big motivation to all women.

  18. naughty_trini at | | Reply

    She looks beautiful as usual

  19. fromchi-town at | | Reply

    I cannot look past her fab body… I mean didn’t she have a baby like yesterday!! The outfit is tacky, blingy… a total nay!!

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