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  1. monika at | | Reply

    This is good mix & match..I like how she looks but I think those wedges don’t look good…a sleeker pair of sandals would have been much better.

  2. sky at | | Reply

    i don’t like masaba’s outfits but shilpa still looks good due to her stunning looks.

    1. Anon at | | Reply

      Thank you! I thot I was the only one.
      I don’t get these lipstick/fan/cell fone print stuff. I wonder wot her inspiration is…..does she wake up in the morning n decide to make a design out of the first thing she lays her eyes on?
      Having said that..I wish she would use these every day prints creatively instead of wot she’s doing these days.
      SS looks good, but then I’m partial to b&w with yellow.

  3. neha at | | Reply

    I find Masaba too overrated… her designs are not exactly creative infact it has horrible and stupid graphics and geometrics.
    I cant believe how celebs encourage such mediocre designers so much.

  4. Lola at | | Reply

    Looks great.

  5. Adara at | | Reply

    She always works the heck outta the outfits more than the models. What a banging bod!

  6. Dompal at | | Reply

    I am just not getting this whole break of printsandthe quirky….. Manish aroma I get….. This masala? Ha ha ha good for all

  7. Anon at | | Reply

    Masaba is wayyyyyyyy too over rated. Super average stuff.

  8. Adya at | | Reply

    Shilpa looks great, not just because of her looks, I have found her to be filmy and gaudy and unattractive may times. She is looking fresh and light, and that Masaba outfit creates the look. A very simple graphic, a bold burst of colour, creating something unique, fresh and chic, thats Masaba’s signature style and it is the mark of a real designer to elevate simplicity. Masaba, despite her apparent simplicity, never looks like something you have seen before in a darzi brochure. A little twist on tradition. Very modern. Fashion is an art. Most Indian designers cater to the blingy, wedding season audience, whether Sabya or Manish or Lulla. Masaba caters to young women on the go, again a bold choice. Kudos.

  9. tiv at | | Reply

    ugh that fan print is making me cringe!

  10. T at | | Reply


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