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  1. $ at | | Reply

    Mrs. Kundra is hot bod…no doubts about it BUT the side pose in this outfit is looking like one is baring more then needed or on the other side of line making it looking tacky !!!

  2. Mouse at | | Reply

    From her back, it seems like she’s wearing a petticoat, the skirt ie, and there’s that thing attached on the front that’s supposed to be the palla. #baddesign

  3. SS at | | Reply

    As amazing as her body looks… her post baby body is better than most people’s pre baby body! But that being said… super tacky… she did not need this to show off how good her body is looking. Could have done an item number in a movie- but this attire is just tacky. sorry!

  4. Senorita at | | Reply

    Gross! We get it you have your body back, Ms Shetty but this dress looks like something out of the Flintstones.

  5. apeksha at | | Reply

    gosh ! i cant look past that chiseled collar bone !!! what body

  6. Anya at | | Reply

    Okay I understand she has gotten her awesome figure back but this is just too much and too tacky of an effort to keep flaunting it. She can do the needful in an elegant way instead of prancing around as if she forgot to wear a saree over that horrible looking petticoat and that sorry excuse for a blouse. Considering it’s Diwali, she could have worn something more traditionally appropriate.

  7. arpitha at | | Reply

    looks cheap…..

  8. Priyanka at | | Reply

    This look is tacky to the core!! What was she thinking?? We applaud her for losing all her pregnancy weight gain and coming back to shape. But why can’t she show off her new body without being all in your face!

  9. PC at | | Reply

    OMG I can kill for her body.. I am not even looking at her clothes..

  10. RS at | | Reply

    Too much in-your-face sexiness. Tacky is right. Hate it.

  11. and at | | Reply

    It is appalling that this is a designer gown. Who would put such atrocity on runway let alone on a body, Shilpa body Shetty or not!

  12. riya at | | Reply

    it’s very very tacktastic but i’d wear it if i had her figure and i’d let good taste go to hell.

  13. dn at | | Reply

    Oh God No!! What was she thinking? After looking lovely in the Preeti Kapoor suit, she had to don this eyesore.

  14. Adara at | | Reply

    Who cares about what she wears. Look at that body. Woot Woot!

    1. sree at | | Reply

      lol yeah basically! even though her outfit is beyond tacktastic that bod totally makes up for it

      1. Adara at | | Reply

        Like totally. ;)

        1. sonal at | | Reply


  15. KJ at | | Reply

    Raam Teri Ganga Maili of 2013!

    1. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

      +1. ROFL.

  16. FashionMartyr at | | Reply

    Oh this is such plain fugly from whichever angle I look at it!! Reminds me of the dresses BIndu or Helen would wear with full body-stockings in the 70’s. Unless this is a custom piece for Mrs Kundra, Gaurav Gupta should send out a public apology for creating such an eyesore!!

    As someone commented earlier, Shilpa should have just done an item number or a swim-suit spread in some magazine to show off her bangin’ bod!!

  17. Ritu at | | Reply

    Reading the comments above I see Shilpa has achieved all the attention she wanted on her bod. Mission accomplished Shilpa!! But I’m sure you could have done it in a good way.

  18. Hema at | | Reply

    Damn ugly dress, but she is one heck of a gorgeous lady.

  19. kara at | | Reply

    She looks great. The end.

  20. mary at | | Reply

    Plus the lipcolour and the nail varnish totally belong in the last century.

  21. Krina Shah at | | Reply

    there are multiple ways to show your hourglass figure.. but wearing such tacky outfits is not the way

  22. Dips at | | Reply

    Tacky at its best!!!

  23. arohi at | | Reply

    Well said! It is tacktastic. P and P that alone merits a category like your whatthehey!
    Perfect candidates Rakhi Sawant, Shilpa shetty, koena mitra, and the like.
    I have to cut Shilpa some slack. Her only claim to fame is her hot, tweaked bod. She has gotten it back. Wish she had done a spread in playboy or ph in an aesthetic manner than a tacktastic showing off. The designer, good grief! This outfit bans the entire collection from seeing the light of day.

  24. Vans at | | Reply

    i mean she has a hot body :/ but this look is soo obviously S****Y..It’s almost too sad..She could do soo much with that bod..

  25. Ruby at | | Reply

    Shilpa looks Tacktastic!!!!

  26. Bongbabe at | | Reply

    major envy. just looking at her figure makes me want to eat some cake out of depression and shame.

    and yes, that outfit is god awful tacky.

  27. Karishma at | | Reply

    Tacky for sure. Also, the dress looks awful lot like the Gucci that Kate Hudson wore recently.

  28. Ray at | | Reply

    She must have killed herself getting that body back after her pregnancy. So she wanted to show off a little!!! Give her a break! Wouldn’t you want to ?

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