1. i really envy this lady…. she looks so much prettier now than she did a good 15 years back…. wonder what her secret is!

  2. Dress is great! The blood read would have suited a darker or paler person better though. Shilpa looks like a bobble head. What is with bollywood’s obessession with the thinner the better? I’ve always wanted to go for a nose job but people like shilpa, sri devi and ramba have convinced me not to.

  3. Hervé Léger should get her to be a brand ambassador at this point. She pulls these off so well and seems to love them too.

  4. i am not tired of seeing her in a leger yet..i mean with that kind of a body – and suiting something to perfection – she can wear it as many times as she wants.. (i do agree she shud experiment)

    this is much better than seeing anu dewan and her birkins.. thats boring..

  5. OMG I really love the dress, especially the colour, JUST HOT! I am not really tired of seeing her in leger though, cos she looks awesome, much better than her usual short dresses.

  6. It’s a nice dress (classic yet interesting), but I daresay Shilpa is getting a little too thin! (First time I ever thought her body was less-than-absolutely-enviably-fabulous-perfection.)

  7. She wears the dress totally better than the model does. May be Leger should start asking her to officially represent them and model for their dresses!

  8. Hi, my name is Shilpa Shetty and I am stuck in a style rut, same type of dress’s, same makeup, same hair, same facial expressions for the last decade (almost) at least…


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