1. She looks chic, and best thing there’s less make up, it’s more natural, less caked and her hair is a little more laid back, which adds to the overall look…

  2. Ummm…I did a little jig (ok a full blown 2 and a half minute long dance) when my boyfriend casually looked over and said that she looks and I quote “TOO THIN” oh happy happy day :)

  3. “Some people are just so lucky” – its all hard work she works out, you can see how she has gotten slimmer with age.

    has the hottest body in bollywood.

  4. cute cute dress…
    idk but i feel its not for tiny waisted tall women.. makes the waist look too thin as compared to the rest of the body…

  5. The lady should always wear LBDs, IMHO
    She looks awesome in them.
    Most of her Indian outfits (esp sarees) are cringe-inducing…

  6. The dress is very ‘okay’ in my opinion. Nothing great! The make-up somehow looks dated to me, and the hair is okay-ish too! Doesn’t impress! She could have gone a little blingy for her birthday!


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