Pretty In Pink?


At a recent event, spotted Shilpa in what looked like a Shantanu and Nikhil dress which she paired with a pair of nude Christian Louboutin pumps…

Trust Shilpa to have made this draped dress work on her which on anyone else, would’ve been quite the unsightly disaster.

Shilpa Shetty At Olay Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. There is something about Shilpa Shetty that makes her look great in almost anything, not sure if its the pose or the slamming bod! She manages to pull off outfits like that pretty odd looking dress with ease.

    • “Not sure if its the pose or the slamming bod! ”
      – Actually, both. Shilpa and Deepika, have the best of both, I’d say. Statesque.

  2. Really? again? You think this look works? As hot and as well groomed as Shilpa is, this dress is awful, the silhouette is aweful, the tweeny pink, the weird draping, her arms are well toned, and here they look kinda big, and the boring loubs. And to top it off, panty hose?!?!?

    • yes with that kind of a body that Shilpa has..she would look just fab in anything she would choose! come on not many people have that kind of body..she’s tall, she’s tan, she’s slim and sexy so of course she would pull of just any outfit and would look sexy,pretty and what not! SHE’S SHILPA NOT ASHIWARIYA RAI!!!

  3. Just imagine being Shilpa Shetty and waking up every morning knowing you have that fab body!

    She really does look good in almost everything she wears.

  4. Great shoes, but puh-lease, what’s with the apron? Nice pink, but doesn’t flatter her skin tone. She’s got a long neck, maybe she can tie up hair once in a while?


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