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  1. manny at | | Reply

    Cakey makeup is looking so weird……….

  2. jiji at | | Reply

    Oh my Daizz!!! Shilpa! WTF? i hate the cheap looking belt, i hate the shoes which look tacky and the clutch has got to, GOT to go!

  3. billu at | | Reply

    she’s stunning. she has dat aura around her.

  4. Princess at | | Reply

    is that a pretty cake on her face coz that’s exactly what her make up looks like.

  5. Spark at | | Reply

    Not sure about the black belt (unless it has a different connotation?) with the gold sequins or the black Alexander McQueen envelope clutch. Gold + black can be done well but this look missed the mark. Perhaps a different color on the clutch and belt?

  6. billu at | | Reply

    i just love her look here.

  7. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Hating all the overload of accessories, open hair and cakey make up.
    The top is not that nice to begin with…

  8. nhk at | | Reply

    love her look here.. retro-chic <3
    any of you ladies know where i can get a similar blouse?

    thaannks xxx .. hhc girls you doing a great job! love your site :) good luck and dont stop postin'

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