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  1. Aramita at | | Reply

    Love what shilpa is wearing also noticed she walked bare footed

  2. billu at | | Reply

    shilpa looks divine. like some Greek empress. u guys got more pics of her from the show?

  3. Shruti at | | Reply

    Shilpa is looking oh so gorgeous. I cannot imagine anyone else looking dis good.. n the outfit is wonderful. wat a beautiful lehenga…. wat a beautiful choli. Love love love
    Chitrangada is looking good neck up and bust down. wats wid d wierd blouse.. !! disgraceful!

  4. VG at | | Reply

    I don’t like Chitrangda’s new look. The hair, the makeup- it’s a little OTT for me.

  5. Kayshika at | | Reply

    Chitrangda is gorgeous. I cannot say more!

  6. Faiza at | | Reply

    hussain is sooo good looking damn.

  7. KIRA at | | Reply

    Its not 2010 guys, its 2011…. plz check before you post

  8. Belle at | | Reply

    how good does hussain look??? *drool* lol

  9. Aara at | | Reply

    AAhhh, Tarun took Zuhair murad’s inspiration for the top ( the one Selena Gomez wore to Justin Timberlake concert + another dress of Zuhair’s collection ) As far as the skirt, he snatched the velvet border from MM….In terms of creativity, where are we heading !!!!

    1. Aara at | | Reply

      Meant Shilpa’s dress

      1. rina at | | Reply

        Haha .. Love Zuhair Murad.. And yes i see which one you are referring to. Still, Shilpa looks stunning!

    2. devila at | | Reply

      it does look like the Zuhair Murad! shame shame on indian designers!

  10. krk at | | Reply

    i like shilpa’s lehenga (for someone tall) & thats just about it…i actually scrolled up to see if Bhavna talwar waswearing the same saree as chitrangada as they are kinda’ similar

  11. rea at | | Reply

    in lust ;)

    shilpa’s lehenga is quite similar to sabyasachi! the choice of color changes the entire look!

  12. SLC at | | Reply

    Everyone looks fabulous. Hats off…. he is a great designer.

  13. Adara at | | Reply

    Shilpa killed it. Though the dress is not all that good.

    1. Adara at | | Reply

      Oh, i just saw that Hussain guy. Who is this hottie?

    2. sheena at | | Reply

      i agree…i think its only her, with her ultra toned everything that pulls this dress off. she looks amazing.

  14. Ratna at | | Reply

    I like the muted colors in the Tarun Tahiliani collection. But what kind of sari blouse is Chitrangda Singh wearing? It looks like a strapless bra Joan Holloway would wear.

    The gold/silver ombre dress by Gayatri Khanna looks interesting. It’s a kind of dress that would look great in photoshoots or on the runway but very OTT in real life.

  15. Rs at | | Reply

    Chitrangda looks FABULOUS!!! Wish she’s do more appearances like this..he hair suits her much better than the big hair with side fringe. She should also tie her hair up occasionally to bring out her well chiselled bone structure

  16. Bedazzled at | | Reply

    I am not able to look beyond Chitangada’s fab toned arms….!! Damn…off to the gym for some arm toning exercises:D

  17. a at | | Reply


  18. Priya at | | Reply

    why are chitrangada’s girls looking so droopy- that blouse is notas per her fit!

  19. mary at | | Reply

    am I the only one who doesn’t like the clothes. Totally bland and uninspired. the blouse on chitra and the lehenga on shilpa are particularly fugly….

  20. Arna at | | Reply

    Shilpa is a diva born to work it ….body and soul

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