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  1. deewani at | | Reply

    googled it, only links to sophie wearing it. Why not make it easier for us and tell us?

    1. Priyanka at | | Reply

      Look for Payal Rohatgi. Be warned though, it may be NSFW.

      1. monika at | | Reply

        Payal was awful…..way beyond WTHEYY!

        1. Nisha B at | | Reply

          Does the stars really look at themselves in the mirror??payal’s look was nasty to the core..major WTHeyyyyyyy, ash rai’s wardrobe malfunction feels nothing now after seeing payal

  2. rosanna at | | Reply

    Eeeks those shoes! She luks lyk she’s fallin off a cliff!

  3. Amina at | | Reply

    Yup thought so…Payal Rohatgi…Check out the front AND the back!! hehehehehee

  4. just casually at | | Reply

    Why is this even called a designer gown? Amazing what passes for haute couture in India as far as western wear goes.
    As for Payal Rohtagi, I just sorry for the woman.

  5. sita at | | Reply

    stop hating payal.. she looks beautiful.. you women ae jealous of her,,

  6. coolan at | | Reply

    omg!! Payal looks horrifying.

  7. dee at | | Reply

    shibani’s lookin.. like the wicked witch of the west ;)..esp in the middle pic..

  8. dee at | | Reply

    payal rohatgi ewwww… downmarket version of chameli..

  9. Karishma at | | Reply

    OMG ! I died seeing what Payal wore… she obviously has no well wishers or friends who can tell her what looks good and what doesn’t or that even there is boob show happening !!

  10. Leena at | | Reply

    I Googled Payal Rohatgi Mirchi awards.. And der was dis pic of her in some horrendous sarree with matching terrible blouse from last yr.. But I was like.. Thats not so bad.. Then I saw this year’s pic..! OMG :O

  11. RUCHii at | | Reply

    is Sophie making a tacky gown look good.. or is Shibani making am ok gown look tacky..?? and Payal Rohatgi.. she has such a pretty face..what a waste!!

  12. Lolita at | | Reply

    As it is, the dress has too much going for it (not in a good way); while Sophie did a good job of carrying it off, Shibani and Payal mainly down graded it further.

  13. fashion at | | Reply

    OMG payal which designer is she wearing ,d problem here is every one wants to bcomm a designer wid their wicked imagination .
    PAYAL …poor girl!!!

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