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  1. Nidi at | | Reply

    What is the secret behind being able to walk around in shoes a size too big? I can never do..but Nishka seems to be quite comfortable as do many, India and abroad..

    1. Purple at | | Reply

      Some people buy slightly bigger shoes and place inserts in them to take up the space and prevent friction. I don’t do that myself, but I have seen people who do :)

    2. Hina at | | Reply

      lol same question!

  2. ig at | | Reply

    shibani’s outfit looks great! Heart the mix of colors and patterns.

  3. carrotswithlime at | | Reply

    Shibani takes the cake here. Nishka’s look falls flat with the same boring here all the time. She needs to change things some!

  4. Iris at | | Reply

    Would’ve loved Shibani’s if she’d lost that pair of shoes. One too many by way of animal print.

  5. Taniya at | | Reply

    Is Shibani Anusha’s sister?? she resembles her a lot. Apart from thgis i loved her look…

  6. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    shibani for me for sure here, the mix of colors is such a surprise and a good one too…… hair adds a little young and happy look to the whole thing…hearting it

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I love the hair too. Even if the clothes were swopped, i would have preferred Shibani. The difference tied up hair and a smile can make !!!

  7. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    Ya the shoes becomes a little too much of animal print and I feel the necklace doesn’t fit either. Hmm the more I look at it…moreon the fence…rather than color-blocking I feel its all clashing…but I have to say the hair and make-up are perfect…

  8. Diksha at | | Reply

    I like nishkas. Simple n like those gold bangles too

  9. QueenBee at | | Reply

    Love the Blue and animal print mixx..Like the braid..dont care for the shoes and sling bag though!! nice look overall
    Nishka always come’s across as B O R I N G somehow..no offence

  10. thePURPLEspirit at | | Reply

    Why do people wear leggings and try to pass em off as pants??? No go Shibani!!

    1. Neha at | | Reply

      So agree! Why why why? No business showing ass and crotch when in leggings – go for jeggings or pants!

  11. slimy at | | Reply

    I prefer nishkas classy look as opposed to shibani too busy look.

  12. nits at | | Reply

    shibani for sure…her look is so much more interesting…but i wish she had gone for nude pumps..

  13. Ashma at | | Reply

    Wish Shibani lost the necklace and traded those matchy pumps for a pair of fierce studded heels!

  14. trinka at | | Reply

    Shibani all the wayy! love the way her make up is done too. GLOwing!

  15. SULPHUR at | | Reply

    SHIBANI without doubts. Love the clash and the mix and the match and the shine and the silk.. everything

  16. Pinky at | | Reply

    I like both outfits. pretty and stylish…the outfits and the gurls

  17. veenu at | | Reply

    Shibani is looking super great!would totally love to sport that look..

  18. Rossi at | | Reply

    Nishkas look works for me

  19. debbie at | | Reply

    Loving Shibani’s blue jacket but the pop of green with the sling bag is too much color clash for me…btw, Niksha is wearing a ‘Forever New’ dress, I’ve got the exact same one.

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