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  1. Zee at | | Reply

    I can not believe how stunning Lisa Haydon is! she is my girl crush :-)

  2. RUCHii at | | Reply

    When will Shenaz age?? when? when? when? i was a kid when i started watching her.. i grew up and she still looks like a kid.. damn this woman! :)

    1. jo at | | Reply

      totally agree!!She defines cuteness too. Love her in this

  3. k2 at | | Reply

    Ooops ! Wrong choice of innerwear for Shenaz. The color looks lovely on her though.

  4. Angira at | | Reply

    loving that colour on Shenaz and as for Lisa shes ever gorgeous!

  5. Ashima at | | Reply

    PnP – Lisa is wearing Sher Singh. She even launched her own fashion line in collaboration with the brand…

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