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  1. diptiN at | | Reply

    Sheetal is sooo beautiful.

  2. Ren at | | Reply

    Meh, Sheetal and Shraddha are passable. I’m not a fan of the white details on Anju’s dress. I think Pooja fares the best, but it’s still nothing to write about.

    It’s such a pity, they’re such beautiful ladies, and you’d think that the no-brainer black dress would instantly makes them look very chic.

  3. FashionOZ at | | Reply

    i give extra point to Pooja… nothing to do with her dress or anything.. its just coz of her sooper-dooper dad being her date for the night… i can’t believe how hot he still is… almost feel bad saying this coz he’s my dad’s age but he defs is a DILF.. hahaha

  4. Adara at | | Reply

    Anju looks so much like that Natasha lady.

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