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  1. Ann at | | Reply

    Like the clutch with the dress. But am not wowed by either the dress or the look.

  2. Iris at | | Reply

    *this* look for *this* occasion needs a stylist? *rolls eyes*

    1. hsap at | | Reply

      lol,my thoughts exactly, esp since stores/malls/ boutiqes everywhere are loaded with beige, browns, neutrals and torquise clothing and accessories.

  3. ariel001 at | | Reply

    I love that the stars invested in stylists! Finally! She looks great! Just wish she’d switch those pumps into a pair of sandals she owns!

  4. ria at | | Reply

    great outfit and look on her. classy and feminine

  5. Anon at | | Reply

    Is it the lighting or dress pattern, or does anyone else also see her white panty?

  6. Lalitha at | | Reply

    She looks lovely, dewey and fresh! The dress is sweet!

  7. shyba at | | Reply


  8. mia at | | Reply

    this look is the same as everything else we’ve seen her in. did she really need to hire a stylist for that?

  9. Sonali Arora at | | Reply


  10. JA at | | Reply

    The stain pumps are perfect for this dress.

  11. SS at | | Reply

    Very well-put-together look this one.

  12. reshma at | | Reply

    Absolutely Stunning! mainly due to the colour scheme of the beige dress juxtaposed against the turquoise necklace. Also her hair pulled away from her face gives a very polished, sleek look.
    Only gripe: the shoes, they are sorely underwhelming.

  13. Ahot at | | Reply

    I would love to know the designer of the necklace S_T_U_N_N_I_N_G! Any idea?
    I wish people would realise that a bodycon mini dress is just not outstanding on everybody. Like the overall look (minus the shoes!), but it somehow falls flat. She looks cute but not quite the sexbomb.
    Shame because i think she has a lot of potential…

    1. just me at | | Reply

      Agreed. I always think she carries off most looks but doesn’t really set anything on fire. Re. the necklace oh my I am a sucker for Turquoise . I wants it I wants it ! :)

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