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  1. sm at | | Reply

    Beautiful…. How every mother of the bride should look.

  2. Nivedita at | | Reply

    Heavily inspired from the Kerala Saree.
    She does look nice!

    1. Senorita at | | Reply

      oh come on, not every gold-and-cream combination in the world is inspired by the Kerala saree! the mekhala-sador tradition of Assam is at least as old as the kasavu-kada, and this is a classic combination across the world!

      1. Apsara77 at | | Reply

        + 1000…eye roll at the comment that the Mekhala sador is copied from the Kasavu saree…Sharmila is looking so gorgeous.

    2. ankita at | | Reply

      @nivedita expand your horizon! Every gold and white is not a Kerala saree! Apart from the mekhela sador, gold and white is also a traditional combination for Bengali taant and the sambhalpuri sarees. And these handloom treasures are way older than your Kerala saree

      1. Venus at | | Reply

        My my! So much aggresion for a harmless yet ignorant comment.We are all indians here, y so much hate for the whole state ?!!! All indian sarees and handlooms are beautiful,priceless and equally timeless.Grow up please !

        1. sonia at | | Reply

          + 10000

        2. SMM at | | Reply

          Noone’s hating the whole state. Just the ignorance of the commenter and the assumption that the gold & white combination is unique only to Kerela.

    3. Sd at | | Reply

      Excuse me…do u even know anything about the Mekhla chador before commenting? I am from Assam…and this is our traditional outfit..what Sharmila TAgore is wearing is a simpler version than what most brides in Assam wears.white and gold is what normally every bride wears..so pl get yr facts right

  3. Murchana at | | Reply

    She looks extremely elegant in Traditional Mekhela Sador. The colour contrast is similar to that of Kasavu Saree.This set of Mekhela Sador(Assam Silk) is traditionally worn by Bride during her Pheras. Loved the way she carried herself.Pure Axomiya:)

  4. Slc at | | Reply

    Such a beautiful saree, and Sharmila is the perfect mother of the bride.

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  6. jenn at | | Reply

    why a thousand eye rolls for Nivedita, some of us may have heard of just the Kerala style saree and not about Assam/Bengali white and gold combination. It is not “your Kerala”! please put your daggers back!

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  8. Ananya at | | Reply

    Each state has its own charming traditional wear.. But, you cannot be ignorant and say “inspired” which is equivalent to “copied” !!! The traditional assamese Mekhela Sador is ages old and has so many colour and material combinations, sequins etc that would be understood if you open up your horizon and give due credit to it !!

  9. Nivedita at | | Reply

    My my! Ruffled a few feathers in here!
    Amen to the Mekhala chador!

  10. Debbie at | | Reply

    Im so happy that she picked a tradional handloom saree (such a beauty) over trashy designer saris(read MM creations). She looks so classy and elegant.

  11. SS at | | Reply

    Kudos for choosing a traditional loom saree over all the blingy, filmy sarees that are available to her. This lady has class and nothing speaks, no screams, class than a classic!! Love it!

  12. sam at | | Reply

    P&P..a small question to you..how did u guys distinguish this saree from a Kerala saree..to me it looks pretty much similar..to the rest of the crowd..pls pardon my ignorance… :P

  13. SJ at | | Reply

    The mother of the bride in the mother of all sarees! Doesn’t get better than this.

  14. Chb at | | Reply

    Sharmila is half assamese. Her mother is from Guwahati. Which is exactly why she is wearing mekhela chador. :)

  15. Niharika at | | Reply

    Can’t say ignore any longer, it’s called misleading information mainly due to the person’s lack of knowledge. Btwn Sharmila Tagore’s mother was an Assamese, Ira Baruah.

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