The Long And Short Of It: An ‘Almost Ditto’ Edition


I loved this kurta (by itself) but as a kurti am not too sure. Or maybe it’s the way Ms. Khanna’s worn it… the pants, the dated hair and make-up not quite helping her cause.

Either way, I much prefer the kurta in it’s more casual avatar. You?



Left: Sharmila Khanna At Triumph Lingerie Fashion Show, Dec 09
Right: Kareena Kapoor At Radio Mirchi, Oct 09

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Like the long version better ! I may be biased because of the 0 size of the person wearing it…

    Just out of curiosity – What happens when a size 0 person loses some weight does she become a -ve size then?

  2. Thanks for putting these pictures, its a perfect example of if you have a beautiful face and a beautiful body there is a greater chance that even if you are wearing something not great you will still look great, and if you dont have a good body you have to be 1000 times more careful in the clothes you chose.


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