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    Shama for me.

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    The first 2 looks are classic and the lady in the middle is stunning

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    Shama for me !! The only without the half boob show. And i think its because of that, that the pretty border shows well on both sides and ends up looking pretty on her !

    Hating the half boob show on the other 2 and mandira’s pose/expression.

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      what kasthuri said. agree completely

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    red/white combo should be banned at weddings for guest…only for that reason i pick aarti

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      but why? whats wrong with a red/white combination?

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    Aarti all the way…love the white and gold combo…pretty neat to say the least!!
    On the other hand, Shama looks a bit dated :p Not digging Mandira’s saree as well!!

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    I think all three look very lovely, but the middle and the last one a little more than the first.

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    I absolutely HATE to see anyone wear a sari with a halter blouse. It looks BAD. Shama looks good because she has worn her sari with a beautiful sari blouse and draped it the right way, Aarti and Mandira would have look great if they had worn the right blouse.

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      That’s a bit extreme! But it’s your opinion. My only grouse is when someone wears the SAME kind of blouse all the time, like Mandira. She just ends up looking the same all the time, especially because that haircut doesn’t allow much playing around.

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      Me too. I’m sure many would disagree, but it’s a personal preference. I also don’t like seeing sarees with spaghetti-strap, shoulder-less, backless blouses. Sleeveless is fine, but that’s about it. On the other hand, i accept anything in dresses.

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    Can’t resist a red/pink with white combo.

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    All three look good,Shamas saree is a classic, prob. the middle one is my least favourite, just because the sarees a bit boring. Mandira looks cute as usual.

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    Something is wrong with Aarti..she looks washed out..may be the make-up..
    Shama though dated looks lovely and I wouldnt mind mandira’s look as well…

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    All three ladies look lovely but Aarti looks exquisite!

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    You put them in the order i like. Shama, Aarti, Mandira. I like Mandira’s saree, but not the blouse.

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    I’m torn between Shama and Aarti.

    Ok guys I have a sari question: looking at Aarti’s sari – she has pulled the sari tight around her so the pleats kind of fan out and give her that mermaid shape, correct? So then how does she pleat her pallu and ensure the ends of the pallu match up? I like having a neat pallu and I always pin it up (since I don’t know how to handle a dropped pallu!). Also do you guys tuck in the pleats at the waist and leave the edge out to wrap around you? Thanks!!

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      if you pleat the pallu and pin it first and then adjust the pleats, you can do it.

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    Can anyone tell me how to wear the saree like Aarthi did, esp. around the hip? Doesn’t the drape around the hip part get tucked in? How can you wrap it around your waist and not have it sort of droop down? Any special tricks?

    1. the mad momma at | | Reply

      yeah – there is a trick and i know it but i am not sure how to explain it. what you’re supposed to do is bring it around and instead of tucking under the navel you take it almost to the right hip and pin with a safety pin. then tuck the pleats in as usual. hotel and airline staff are taught to wear it that way to show off the border

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        the mad momma is right. You take it right across and tuck it almost near the hip (so it’s also tighter) and pin it, so it stays. That was the way my mother taught me to drape a saree, so on the rare occasions that I wear a saree, I end up wearing it like that.

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        Thanks so much for the info…I will experiment with it this weekend. It does look a lot nicer than tucking in the fabric all around; eliminates the inevitable muffin look that comes up.

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