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    I actually like the python version of this purse. the crest is a bit ott, but then, it’s better than having the interlocked Gs, isn’t it?

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    I don’t like anything about this picture–the bright lipstick, the bright top, the double layer necklace, the clutch. I think she is channeling Natasha Poonawalla!!

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    Too much going on. The makeup, the necklace, the top…everything is clashing!

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    I remember reading an article in the paper about Shaheen’s house being a mix of bright colours… I think the lady might just love colour, and personally, I love the way she’s mixed colours here… I like the bag, the crest looks better on a python print than on the plain version… it doesnt stand out as much on the python print…

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    Just love the colour of her top, totally pops!! i think she looks hot

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    also, the bag/clutch looks so much better with the chain inside..

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    Shaheen has an effervescent persona! She seems like a wonderful person– not quite the quintessential socialite. The blue looks lovely and no way does she look like a mum of two! She is a jewellery designer and the earrings she designs are to die for!

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    actually i quite dislike this bag…it reminds me of those horrendous bags by mischa barton..dont think its really worth the trouble

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    $695 for this? Please, anyone with taste would spend their money on a better looking clutch

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