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  1. Rum at | | Reply

    Honestly, I think whats off is that shaman might not have the hair right.

    Also, I honestly dont think she has the body to carry this one off.

  2. ~nm at | | Reply

    The dress is too voluminous around the waist down making the person appear much healthier than they are…

  3. SLC at | | Reply

    I think the halter blouse has been tucked into the skirt. Maybe that’s why the two shades of white look a bit off. But Shahana still manages to look quite lovely. I appreciate her dusky looks, quite sexy.

  4. wtf? at | | Reply

    That lotus. Hate it. Dress would have been great without it. Also could have done without the chunky gold kadas.

  5. mini at | | Reply

    helooo pls… wch angle she looks lovely…pls explain…

  6. Anna at | | Reply

    How unfair, a beautiful girl, her big movie premiere and such an average, poorly put together look. Oops and makeup gone wrong too. These girls look normal and pretty otherwise, why do they get themselves to pick such clothes and put together this way. Sad.

  7. A at | | Reply

    I find this look rather tacky …. its too much bling!

  8. Aliya at | | Reply

    Awful. She needs a stylist. A simple sari would have done it. But this oversized dress is terrible .

  9. kiwi at | | Reply

    the twins need support

  10. bhelpuri at | | Reply

    yea the waist area looks a lil puffed up, the lotus embroidery looks like a last minute thought too. would have been a kool maxi but very poorly executed. the hair, makeup n accessories dont quite gel either.

  11. S at | | Reply

    the styling and make up makes a nice dress look highly bhenji..

  12. bong babe at | | Reply

    hey PnP – why not feature the men from the premiere as well?

  13. Y at | | Reply

    Makeup is too Bharat natyam for the outfit. Ugly dress

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