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  1. Jasmine at | | Reply

    oh dear god.

    1. appi at | | Reply

      y d hell r ektas feet coming out of her footwear! couldn’t she afford a larger size of those hideous looking shoes?

      1. zina at | | Reply

        Or a size smaller maybe…it appears that the straps are too loose for her feet. :D

        God, this is really embarassing for us Indians!

      2. lavanya at | | Reply

        Only 2 good reasons- she has vowed that she will wear only this as a self- sacrifice or else some sadu-baba would have advised her Beta – these shoes will always grab attention. Ekta – I so very much love you for being Jeetendera’s daughter and beinga succesful producer- please dress appropriatrely – such a beautiful face and smile being wasted on just wrong choice of footwear and neckline!

    2. Anu at | | Reply

      Oh dear God is right!!

      Those horrific shoes and cleavage actually caused us to MISS THE BIRKIN !!!

      Hermes is shocked.

  2. fishhead at | | Reply

    I think those shoes are stuck (read: superglued!) to Ekta’s feet. Else why would someone wear those hideous pair of footwear over and over and over again. SIGH!

    1. Arati at | | Reply

      The shoes and Ekta’s feet are glued with Fevicol….. Ye Fevicol Ka Mazboot Jod Hai Tootega nahi….

      1. April at | | Reply

        That’s because Ekta likes to look/feel tall ALL the time.But she hates wearing the high heels.That’s too much work for someone who makes all her saas/ bahus look ultra glam in the kitchen but refuses to look into a full length mirror once in a while.

  3. Kayshika at | | Reply


  4. Anita at | | Reply

    ewww P&P, you called a Mekhla Chaddar a half sari, for girls who know their drapes this one’s a major blooper, but I forgive you guys coz you always bring the best & worst of the Indian fashion fest to me everyday:)
    Seema is wearing a dual coloured mekhla chadar in this pic & with the black sari, she is taking a traditional eri chadar.

  5. monika at | | Reply

    OMG……..buty then maybe these are some special sandals that she has got made to conter some serious problems with her feet…….that’s the only explanation I can think of!!!!

    1. devika at | | Reply

      i so badly want to believe dat!!

  6. phoenix at | | Reply

    OMG! Somebody do an intervention!

  7. Adara at | | Reply

    Puke @ the chappals and &*%@!!!

  8. Shweta at | | Reply

    wow didn’t know this footwear has traveled internationally as well :p

  9. Shefali at | | Reply

    Even before I looked inside to see who it would be- I said to myself, ‘I bet its Ekta!’- I don’t know why, just had a feeling (plus the BAD shoe thing tipped me off!).
    But wow- OH- wow!

  10. Priyanka Amrith at | | Reply

    I think she’s been reading this blog, and wants to provide some wholesome entertainment.

    Only, she goes the exaggerated way, just like all those soaps she produced.

  11. Sweta at | | Reply

    Guess, those sandals are her astrologer’s recommendation! There can’t be any stronger motivation …

  12. Amber at | | Reply

    Ummm, forget the shoes… I’d get to them once I can get past the unsophisticated show of skin way above the footwear!

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      lol. ya…i was thinking the same..its a double WTHeyyy.
      She has a pretty face but she wastes it like that…

  13. Sucharita at | | Reply

    OMG! this is above n beyond….

  14. bijeta at | | Reply

    i like the mekhla chadar so much and seema has worn it nicely! Like

  15. meenakshi at | | Reply

    dont tell me she is superstitious bout those slippers! Am sure luck comes in different sandals too! hideous choice..and she seems not to be aware of it! :(

  16. MochaLatte at | | Reply

    OMG!! What was she thinking? Or, was she thinking at all? Why would someone do this to themselves??

  17. shyba at | | Reply

    Wat a beautiful face Ekta has,and the dressing sense…..aaaaaaaaaaah…I think her footwear is some orthopedic sandals…

  18. RUCHii at | | Reply

    is it just me..or the neckline on Ekta a lil disturbing..?? i know- i know..its not that bad..but somehow on Ekta Kapoor..even a bit of boob show looks odd..!! wish she’d pronto get shoes that contain her feet and a suit that contains her ‘other stuff’..

  19. tracy at | | Reply

    OMG is that a Birkin i see in her hand????

  20. Jay at | | Reply

    Love Ekta’s dupatta…But thats where it ends. I think we should stop giving her shoes attention because after this many appearances, I bet she does it to wind people up!!

    Love the jacket Deepti’s jacket – so practical and quite funky too! Perfect for winter x

  21. veenu at | | Reply

    No amount of criticism/constructive criticism/scathing press coverage of her shoes, can make her give them up.Now i really want to know what is the deal with them. PnP if you ever have a tete-a-tete with her, do please ask her WHY GOD WHY?

  22. fats at | | Reply

    oh god, those shoes… hideous.

    on a different note i have a question to all the readers. please help!
    i have a few weddings i have to go to. i would love to wear a sari but nothing blingy..aka manish malhotra style
    can someone give me the different types of classy sari’s that i can buy something that would suit a 23 year old? obviously you can not get those in pakistan…so i’ll have to tell a friend who goes back and forth to india .. please help. i’m running out of time!!

    1. ash at | | Reply

      I dont know if a south indian silk would be quite your thing as you’re so young – why not go for some beautiful hand embroiderys like Lucknowi chikkan workect. Manish Malhotras not the only designer available others do lovely sarees using embroiderys, patchworks that would look great on someone your age.

    2. Rock~n~Rose at | | Reply

      @ fats.. sak someone to go to Nalli and pick up stock up on benarsi / temple saris/ kantha saris in silk.. they will always be in style and ooze class!

    3. Mash at | | Reply

      Check whether you can get those gorgeous Pakistani chikan-work sarees; they are classy & refreshing enough for a 23-year old.
      Chiffons, bandhinis etc. would be great as well.

    4. Ruchii at | | Reply

      Hey fats…since you are pretty young..i would suggest to go for some plain light weight sari (like Chiffons) in a bold color( with a thin border, if u like) with a heavy brocade blouse.. heavy jewelery goes well with such a look without being too loud..and when u get tired..just get a new blouse and mix it up..!!

      1. fats at | | Reply

        thank you everyone for the suggestions!! i got my grandma to give me some of her old sarees as well that she got from bengal, they are gorgeous but might make me look slightly older.

        but thank you everyone!

  23. Inihos at | | Reply

    How does Ekta Kapoor even manage to walk in those shoes…her toes look like they have zero support!

  24. shriya at | | Reply

    omg! with all that money ekta could buy the best footwear, jimmy choos, zanottis, etc, etc. on a different note, maybe she’s exposing so much cleavage to divert people’s attention from her poorly shod feet.

    1. Mash at | | Reply

      Maybe she blew all her money on the birkin, & hence didn’t have any left to buy new shoes :-)

  25. RC at | | Reply

    Is Ekta carrying a Birkin with those shoes??? Tch Tch Tch

  26. KS at | | Reply

    These shoes are now like the same Santa Banta jokes one starts hearing from age 5 till death. We should be over them..it is not funny anymore.

    I am loving Deepti’s sarees. i saw some great bhagalpuris at Fabindia this summer something similar to the blue one.

  27. SS at | | Reply

    The assamese two piece is fab…wonder if they sell that online. Ekta’s hideous footwear needs to go like…..YESTERDAY!!!! Yuck!

  28. Anji at | | Reply

    OMG Ekta, plzzzzzzzzzzzzz buy new footwear!! honey its time to cover up!!

  29. shruty87 at | | Reply

    Birkin + Those shoes = Match made in hell!

  30. Rezia at | | Reply

    Wow those shoes are pug fugly. But then there’s also the cleavage over-exposure, the awkward coat handling…and *gasp* the cutting out of what looks like John Abraham!!

    That could have been the one saving grace in the photo. John makes a pretty nice accesory to have on your arm. Kinda mitigates those horrendous shoes.

    1. Nut at | | Reply

      Lol!! I think that’s Sendhil Ramamurthy!! Equally yummy as well

  31. Lulu at | | Reply

    Am not so bothered about the sandals as i am about the cleavage show. Verrry classy

    I do love Mekhela Chadors, just not Seema’s. It looks like 2 separate pieces of cloth put together haphazardly.

  32. RS at | | Reply

    Too much cleavage on display Ekta!!! Makes me uncomfortable just to look at her.

  33. Anupama at | | Reply

    How does she even walk in them… They look so uncomfortable apart from being so bad.. :P

  34. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    Hahaha! The minute you mentioned ‘footwear’ I knew it was Ekta! Keeping the footwear aside, what’s with the neckline? :O

  35. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Balaji needs to add the following line item to their P&L statement:
    Expense: Ekta Kapoor’s stylist fees

  36. abc at | | Reply

    I love Deepti Naval’s sarees. What sarees are these and where can i get them?

    1. Smita at | | Reply

      I love them too, they seem so FabIndiaesque.

      1. Jasmine at | | Reply

        abc: those are tussars

        1. Jasmine at | | Reply

          and yes, FabIndia’s a good place to start looking for them!

    2. bongbabe at | | Reply

      come to bengal :)

  37. Smita at | | Reply

    Methinks perhaps Ekta wears prescription shoes. And if she is in pain, I doubt if she’d give a fig about fashion, it’d just have to be something comfortable I guess.

  38. bongbabe at | | Reply

    oh dear, ektaa. oh dear.

    but looking past that, how lovely does deepti naval look? :) bless!

  39. perfumeice at | | Reply

    so happy to see a mekhla chador . and thanks . its like yu pioneered an interest ibnto this wonderful assamese style.

  40. pinky at | | Reply

    Love Deepti’s sarees………wonder where she gets them from, any ideas????

  41. Futbolkiua at | | Reply

    It`s really nice article. Thank u a lot

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