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  1. Deepak at | | Reply

    Shriya Saran looks beautiful in that red denims! She has the perfect body. I’m a huge fan!

  2. Diva at | | Reply

    Bipasha’s reminds me of father Christmas from the waist down.

  3. RUCHii at | | Reply

    Bipasha is making Shreya’s very normal appearance look good..!! This one is definitely a ‘WTHeeey’ for BB.

  4. Ritu at | | Reply


  5. deewani at | | Reply

    Pointy toe shoes in an airplane, seriously?

  6. wannabe at | | Reply

    I don’t think I would’ve known that was Bipasha in the first pic. She looks so much better without the 10 layers of slap and crotch-skimming dresses she usually has on.

  7. wannabe at | | Reply

    isn’t it uncomfortable to wear such tight jeans on a flight! oh wait probably not when you fly first class :)

  8. Lola at | | Reply

    Prefer Shriya’s look over Bipasha’s.

  9. Roxanne at | | Reply

    Not really.. Both look like jeggings which are very comfy.. On my last holiday I picked my navy jeggings for both my flights..

  10. gauri at | | Reply

    Bipasha looks so old in the 1st shot! I guess there isn’t too much kohl and bronzer slapped on the face! And the clothes…..no comments!! Disaster!

  11. RC at | | Reply

    Why is Bipasha wearing boots in the middle of summer??

    1. Sabita at | | Reply

      Bingo! From Bombay to Spore, both extremely hot in summer, being fashionable is one thing, wearing inappropriate seasonal clothing is another…

  12. Farrah at | | Reply

    i wonder what kind of mould is growing in those boots … it’s friggin’ June for the love of sun! and did singapore float to the poles? i don’t think so!

  13. Neha at | | Reply

    What was Bipasha thinking?first the the frock kinda top,overdone makeup, weird hair, n BOOTS?…really…

  14. Adara at | | Reply

    It gets cold in flights be it from Bombay- Singapore or from Cali -Hawaii even in summer. So i understand the need for the cardigan or a jacket. But those boots are def over done.

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