Seeing Double

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It has been one of those weeks. You know, when you just want to say f#*k it, grab a bottle (or three) and head for the hills. What brought on this mid-week melancholy you ask? Let us introduce you to the good folks over at this You Tube channel who brazenly copy our text for their voice-over.

Exhibit A:

Our text: “Wearing a cropped top and skirt by Nishka Lulla, Sonam attended a recent movie screening. A side braid, LV monogrammed tote and MICHAEL Michael Kors flats completed her look.

While we can picture the outfit on someone like Sameera, didn’t quite think Sonam pulled it off… This was one of those rare misses from Ms. Kapoor, not feeling the look on her at all. And that tote… You know how we feel about thaat.”

Their video:

Exhibit B:

Our text: “Another Gucci Spring 2013 outfit makes its way onto the cover of a magazine. Love the pop of color the Fendi bag provides without being too in your face product placement.”

Their video:

Exhibit C:

Our post: “Launching a Cannes inspired collection for L’Oréal Paris’ was brand ambassador Sonam in Mumbai. For her appearance, she opted for an Armani Privé with peacock earrings by mom Sunita Kapoor’s Signature line.

Mixing up Indian jewellery with western looks is something we’ve seen Sonam do a lot. But, in this case, I find the look disconnected. The hair and earrings feel like they belong on a sari rather than with this dress. Just me?”

Their video:

And this barely scratches the surface. If you are a regular reader of this blog, their videos are sure to jump out at you. And for obvious reasons.

We are just a couple months short of our six-year mark and that’s a long time to be blogging. We’ve made some very conscious decisions along the way… To keep the tone of this blog something we are a 100% okay with, to let the bloggers (us) take a backseat to the blog and to never, ever take our readers (you) for granted. And while we are very, very grateful to our advertisers and the Press we get, this blog is what it is, coz’ of you all.

Lately though with repeated instances of our content being plagiarized by Bollywood news and entertainment shows on TV, You Tube channels, celebrity bloggers and popular blogs has given us bit of a pause.

But the show blog must go on, yes? And that it will. Because we love what we do. And we know we’ve always gotten your support when we needed it most.

A big thank-you to all those who write in tipping us off.

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  1. Anon at | | Reply

    Ladies – pat urself on your fashionable lil backs n exchange a wink.
    It’s official – you gals r famous n have been noticed!!!
    As b’wood towners would agree, plagiarism is the best form of flattery.
    The video, I don’t mind but cudnt they find someone with btr diction to do the voice over??? Hate the sing-song style ;)

    1. Mehak Rampal at | | Reply

      Hey! You can flag their videos for copyright infringement. 3 strikes and their channel will be gone! YouTube takes plagiarism very seriously.

      1. Jennifer at | | Reply

        Thats a good idea! And with their many videos their three strikes will already be up!

        I posted a comment under their video about this, which was ofcourse deleted by them…such moronic behaviour!

  2. just me at | | Reply

    Whoa! That YouTube channel is laaaaame…didn’t even know it existed. Y’all need to enforcer stricter copyright rules – and if it’s happening so often, look into the legal angle as well. Plagiarism is ugly and should be severely dealt with. If it helps any, know that you have many dedicated readers here, who’ve been around for ever and keep coming back for more because you guys are one of the originals.

    1. Anu at | | Reply

      + 1 zillion. Totally agree P&P. We, your readers love what you write and always will.

  3. Sweta at | | Reply

    Ouch! I can imagine how you girls must be feeling.
    Coco Chanel once said that “Copying is the ransom of success.” … and tolerance is law.
    So, let them be … they surely don’t have a long journey ahead. Cheer up :)

  4. Geeth at | | Reply

    Is there no way you can sue them? Plagiarism in any form is a dirty, inherent part of journalism today.

  5. olive at | | Reply

    I’m confused as to why they would blatantly plagiarize. How does someone sit down and think “hmmm I’m just gonna read out what someone else has written?” Besides the obvious ethical issue of plagiarism, why can’t they understand that originality is important in of itself. People are interested in original opinions. Perhaps they’re not confident in their own opinions. I’m gonna stop before I end up writing a novel, but you guys know the old adage: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  6. Manreet at | | Reply

    Clearly, some folks are bankrupt, creatively. Khair, kudos to you ladies – I have been a fan of the blog for some years now – and perhaps there is some solace in the fact that you get copycatted when you’re big :)
    Sue them, but keep going!
    And yes, champagne for the approaching 6-yr-mark!

  7. judgevik at | | Reply

    You should sue these guys, It is blatant plagarism, and any imitation of an artistic expression, such as your blog, is indeed a copyright infringment. If plagarism is indeed your worry then TAKE ACTION NOW! because, once you have many imitators, they will always say that the idea was widely available.
    sorry – I am a lawyer!

  8. Richa at | | Reply

    That is soo unfair! Well you should be proud of ur blog P&P and rightly so that people actually need to copy your stuff! They just cannot come up with even a fraction of your creativity!

    Cheerz to you gals and a damn to those who did this!

  9. Paroma at | | Reply

    Shameless!! Hope you guys go after them and win!! I’m addicted to this blog and this plagiarism is making me feel very annoyed.

  10. crack at | | Reply

    This a sick…why would anyone do that? Is there anyway to stop these people? I think what you are doing is fine…tweet-shame, blog-shame them…
    btw 6 years…wow! thanks for making all of us feel old :)

  11. Senorita at | | Reply

    we know an original when we see one :P you girls rock!

  12. enne at | | Reply

    I love this blog and have been stalking y’all daily, for about 5 years now. The plagiarism sucks and I can’t stand that woman’s voice enough to watch it for 5 seconds.
    Hopefully you see an opportunity for growth here into doing videos of your own and filll the gap that their 9K subscribers are evidently also looking for. I’d love to see the fashion in action while you blog about it. good luck ladies and thanks for doing what you do everyday!

  13. Myla at | | Reply

    Ugh. I have a blog and I take pictures for it and both text I write and the style of pictures keep turning up on similar blogs. I know how frustrating it can be. Are you girls connected to Pinkvilla in anyway. I find some of their text quite similar to yours as well.

    1. Arohi at | | Reply

      Omg that accent! Also notice that the videos were uploaded a couple of days after the post was made! We know who the originals are HHC! Keep up the good work!

  14. bongbabe at | | Reply

    keep on keepin on, ladies.

  15. kasthuri at | | Reply

    I think thr idea in itself is’int bad since its nice to have videos to look at for certain looks and not have flash affect colours etc. BUT, they certainly could have been original. And almost every video on their channel is a copy of your text. Thats unfair. And the women’s voice and tone is purely annoying. Dont worry ladies. They arent going to get big or last long.

  16. shyba at | | Reply

    Unprofessional act…Annoying…

    I have been following your post for a long time,what you people do is worth reading and entertaining,informative too…

    Please note that only famous people and their work are copied…

    Kudos to you girls for what you do…

  17. javajive at | | Reply

    As a fellow freelance writer and blogger I feel your pain- I had someone copy my entire profile on a site and pass it off as their own. Would it help if you complained to You Tube? have them take it down?

  18. Niya at | | Reply

    Unbelievable, but I guess this is a confirmation of your position in Bollywood fashion/media, you are the only ones that are doing this and constantly providing high quality so at least be proud of that.

    I think it’s really unprofessional when people rip off your own content, and it shows low standards. Keep calling those people out, because else they are never going to learn their lessons.

    And please go on with your blog, I absolutely LOVE it!

  19. Bloo at | | Reply

    Omg! That is insane. People just amaze you sometimes. Congratulations on hitting on the six year mark P&P. I am proud to say I have been with you guys since the beginning. It has really been a pleasure to see you guys grow :)

  20. MD at | | Reply

    I’m sure it hurts but you guys are doing a great job and you have a great following! Keep it up! HHC is my staple when i’m’s entertaining, informative, regularly updated and has great pictures..Love it!

  21. Stunsme at | | Reply

    I think you should sue them. Plagiarism is too rampant and needs to be dealt with. Alternately, report these videos on YouTube.

  22. Amrita at | | Reply

    I hate copycats! You lot put all this effort in to bring us a great blog and lazy people like that think it’s fine to copy the whole thing.

    Love the blog btw. You’re critical but never bitchy like other sites are

  23. Rupa at | | Reply

    You are awesome and original ! and we love you for that….keep up the good work..dont let negativity affect you….

  24. hasina at | | Reply

    wow! 6 years, I remember joining about 5 years ago and made sure I see every entry of yours, love this page, about the copy cats, they think laziness is the key to success, how wrong of them, I think you need to put up some legal notice or something?

  25. Veethi at | | Reply

    OMG..but it kind of makes me laugh thinking what will go through the channel people’s minds when they read about their very own unabashed behavior here given how closely they follow HHC ;) or wait..maybe they are too thick skinned for even this!

    And as for the 6 years..kudos P&P..keep up the great work! Cheers.

  26. Rajvi Bhow at | | Reply

    guys just hire a lawyer sue them and make money out of it! :)

  27. asmozonic at | | Reply

    instantly reminded me of that NDTV GoodTimes case some time back. hope you girls take legal action this time. Best Wishes!

  28. kayennat at | | Reply

    You need to report it to Youtube! They are very good at dealing with plagiarised content and channels.

  29. sunshine at | | Reply

    oh wow this is so nice..

  30. Mikaela at | | Reply

    why dont u guys sue them?

  31. Imli at | | Reply

    The same thing happened with HHC and Zing a long while ago.
    What was the outcome of that?

  32. Tminhas at | | Reply

    I have been reading your blog since last two years – everyday ! But never commented before – reading this I had to…. You guys should sue ! And either ways, please don’t let this stop you from what you do …. Your blog has always been such a source of inspiration ! And moreover, I would hate it if you go the bombaybitch ways and disappear coz of something like this.. :(

  33. Simmy at | | Reply

    All I know is I cant live without visiting ur blog…thats THE originiality which no one can take from u…..besides i am sure you can approach youtube and get this channel closed….

    Keep up your fantastic work…..u guys are beyond awesome!

  34. fromchi-town at | | Reply

    It is a downright ugly thing to do. Ladies, you have loyal readers and supporters who know and appreciate your work. I have been a loyal reader for many years now, and love your dedication and effort. Just consider this one of the many prices you pay for success, though it is not fair. Don’t let this put you down… cos we luv ya!!

  35. Alittlegirlinthecrazyworld at | | Reply

    It sucks to be famous, sometimes :P
    Things like this come and go. You guys rock all the time!

  36. ridhima at | | Reply

    Hopefully the response above will make you guys feel good and not worry about these fools who don’t know the head or tail of fashion. Totally addicted to your site from day 1 (literally). Keep doing what you are doing please. You guys rock!

  37. Mads at | | Reply

    So not cool ladies… This is so not cool! Blatant plagiarism of your work. And in this case, it’s form of flattery.. NOT! Please enforce stricter copyrights over your content.

  38. Jennifer at | | Reply

    I couldn’t agree more – this is disgusting! I have commented on the video – ladies, how about we ALL comment on that video? Plagiarism is NOT okay!

  39. KS at | | Reply

    I say beat them at what they’re doing… you guys already have a Facebook and twitter account, expand it, take over the world of technology – create a pinterest account, start your own youtube channel, etc. These copy cats will disappear when they realize that your influence is everywhere and you guys are getting to people before they are through different channels of technology.

    I love your blog and I make sure to visit it everyday. Your work is original and amazing and no one can take that away from you :)

  40. Siddhi at | | Reply

    Seeing double??? You should be seeing red :X Don’t worry, ladies! We know where the credit is due and we will never stop following HHC!

  41. FashionKitty at | | Reply

    Wow…such a blatant plagiarism !! How about you do a couple of posts with totally wrong information!! See them copy that and sit back and laugh. :)
    FashionKitty says be naughty ;)

  42. sky at | | Reply

    your blog is great. it’s helped me a lot to understand what to wear for myself and to become fashion savvy. also it’s a nice dose of home as i’m living far far away :-(. don’t worry about the plagiarism. the copiers are too pathetic to worry about. and think of it as a form of flattery.

  43. Vanaja at | | Reply

    I think you should leave this post on the top for a few days so when the fashion channel turns to your blog for their next article, they know that they are being watched;)

  44. Priyanka at | | Reply

    You guys are the absolute best! Thank-you!

  45. Vibhuti at | | Reply

    Ole say… Imitation (read plagiarism) is the best form of flattery…. Be flattered ladies…. U knw u r the Best…… We sure do!!! Keep up n stay cool :)

  46. ak at | | Reply

    So totally wrong. Agreed that you should consider legal action, but (and I say this as a lawyer), I think the better route is: 1) take some time to wallow in the indignation of it all; and then 2) come back and do what you’ve been doing amazingly well (because let’s face it, you guys are on top of this desi fashion commentary game) or take it even further. But take some comfort in the fact that your loyal followers and the media outlets that have heaped the deserved praise on this blog know that you’re the real deal. Don’t let this get you down P&P!

    Where to send the tequila/scotch/vodka for aforementioned trip to the hills? I’m serious.

  47. PC at | | Reply

    Hi P&P,
    The laws related to the understanding, appreciation, implementation and protection of Intellectual property rights ae in their nascent stage in India as well as other developing and leave a lot to be desired. In other words, they are not as strict as those in the west and therefore leave room for rampant plagiarism, case in point being a thriving mainstream movie industry where songs/foreign movie plots are copied regularly with complete disregard to ownership or copyrights since there is little or no fear of any consequences cause there are none. In light of this nonchalance to IP ownership, I don’t think it will be in your interest to sue these people cause it will be an uphill battle for sure, something I am sure you do not want to invest in. I think its better to go on the offensive and start your own youtube channel and take that opportunity to expose these plagiarized versions making the internet rounds. Just my 2 cents…

    1. judgevik at | | Reply

      Why are the laws in IP in a nascent stage? the law on copyright has evolved in India over the years.

      in the recent past, a relatively unknown Ram Sampath won a legal battle against the Roshans for plagarizing his tune ( Krazzy 4 case). I have been an Indian IPR lawyer for over a decade now.

      they can very well sue, and get a favourable verdict. It will be pricey, but worth it. My 2 paisa!

  48. PC at | | Reply

    BTW, I already shamed them in the youtube comments section by calling out on their plagiarism.

    1. Incia at | | Reply

      They deleted all our comments. Morons!

  49. Orange Jammies at | | Reply

    Bollywood is the biggest copycat there is–just look at all those movies aping Hollywood hits! You guys are the Real McCoy and we love your blog for it. Plagiarism in any form, though, is NOT COOL, so either go the legal route or leave this post up for your copycats to see on their next visit. ;) Oh, and let me know where you need the vodka delivered. Here’s a toast to your fabulousness, P & P–bring on those 6-year anniversary celebrations!

  50. Puneeta at | | Reply

    People in this country laugh at those(read me) who buy original music and original movie DVDs, Blu Rays etc. One person even asked me, (after taking a look at my KILL BILL double DVD set box) “Dont you know to torrent?” in a very insulting manner.

    So, while so many may be upset with this youtube channel, I must insist on asking how many of them buy original music(which is now available for as cheap as 6 rupees per song on flipkart and itunes), because as long as they continue pirating, they are no less than the plagiarizers of your site.

    Cheating is cheating. And they are a part of the problem too.

    Sorry for the long rant, but this is a topic that really gets to me.

    I personally think you guys do an absolute slam dunk job. Especialy like the way you always formally address every person, from Ms Patel to Ms Rai. It just adds a touch of class.

    An adoring fan, who never plagiarizes anything,

  51. dee at | | Reply

    If the indignation posts are finished with, maybe i can squeak this out…
    While unfair and injudicious and all of that, the youtube channel looks as lame as can be. Half of the 1000/200 odd views are probably redirected HHC visitors. This post probably gives them the attention they do not deserve. They hardly look threatening, probably a crew full of junior college students going by that voice over.
    Now can we get back to regular blogging?

  52. Fashionizta at | | Reply

    P&P Dont get upset its a compliment to your hard earned achievement Complain to you tube n blog furiously so that they are overwhelmed with what to post next. Ive been religiously following you the past 5 years and you both are doing a brilliant job. Simply an addicted junkie waiting for the next fashion post. Chill it aint worth 2 seconds of your time.

  53. Alltheprettycolors at | | Reply

    Long time lurker-just want to remind you that’imitation is the deepest form of flattery’ or something. Also in the Sonam video she calls it ‘Cans’ and Giorgio Armani ‘freeway’. Pretty funny stuff!

  54. Nidhi at | | Reply

    C’mon P&P – no self respecting fashionista will ever take a fashion commentary serious that pronounces Cannes as ‘Canz’.


  55. swapnil at | | Reply

    hey girls m putting this link on my facebook page ! its so unfair when this happens ! all the best to you’ll

  56. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Youtube allows you to flag videos with copyright plagiarism issues. You should do that. You guys are awesome, I am always amazed by your very “real” knowledge of fashion. Don’t let this be in your way, all of us HHC fans only come here for our daily dose and am absolutely certain that will continue!!!
    Btw, that voice…ugh!!!

  57. Tanya at | | Reply

    imitation is the best form of flattery. you are one famous blog, let these copy from you, they arent even being noticed.

  58. Gayatri at | | Reply

    Hey P&P, no other fashion blog/channel is as cool as HHC. You guys rock and number of comments on this post reaffirm that. Frankly speaking, I was a novice when I started reading your blog, but kudos to you guys, you made me glued to this blog ever since. The tone of HHC is absolutely subtle and never demeaning. So chill guys, you are far ahead of these cliched plagiarizing channels.

  59. DYE at | | Reply


  60. Seema at | | Reply

    WHoa!This type of behaviour is not at all acceptable. You should check the legal side to sue such people or atleast amek them remove the content.

    You guys do an awesome job. Keep going :)

  61. Pheeling laejji at | | Reply

    Flag them for plagiarism on YouTube and if possible for that awful diction too. Hugs……

  62. dn at | | Reply

    Disgusting! They should be flagged. I am sure Youtube has laws against content stealing. But PnP, you both have nothing to fear, yours is the fashion blog that we cannot do without!!

  63. Archana at | | Reply

    Shameless! Totally unacceptable. Good job, P&P.

  64. payal at | | Reply

    Just wanted to note that the link in your post is probably increasing their views. Have you flagged them for plagiarism yet ? anyway the narrator’s mispronounciations are all kinds of hilarious!

  65. Arthi at | | Reply

    That’s simply sickening! Blatant thievery. Shame on them (fashion checkpoint)! I strongly believe you gals should sue their cheating behinds. On the sweeter note- you guys rock! ;-)

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