Seeing Double

Update: The blog will be credited during the show’s re-run. Appreciate the prompt action NDTV; thank-you.

And YOU get a big fat Thank-You for the support. Really.

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Remember this color story we did a couple of weeks ago? Turns out, you guys weren’t the only ones reading. NDTV Good Times’ ‘I’m Too Sexy All Access’ liked what they saw.

Imagine our surprise when we saw our images up on the show. Without any credit in sight of course. Or having cleared with us first.

Sure these images weren’t purchased by us (and so you may argue we may have no rights) but we painstakingly put ’em together from different runway shows and online retailers. Which means we created content and put it in context.

We’ve routinely heard of/seen ourselves channels blurring our watermarked images and using them on their shows (Zoom/Zing, we are looking at you) but damn, we thought this show was way classier than that.

Live and learn. You live and learn.

Original here!

Original here!

Original here!

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  1. Isha at |

    So blatant! I am amazed at the feeling of impunity. And not just plagiarism from any obscure blog, but one of the India’s highest readership blogs at that. Amazement!

  2. Priyadarshini at |

    Charge them for it. Contact the Network and tell them they need to pay up for work copied and used without credit or payment.

    1. Unsympathetic at |

      Yeah well thats a bit hard because this blog itself lifts content (pictures) from other websites and they don’t pay for it and sometimes do not even properly credit stuff.
      While P and P can be pissed unfortunately its not really justified.

    2. rosanna at |

      Right on sister! Sue them we say!!

  3. Imon Chatterjee at |

    It sucks that Intellectual Property Rights has such a poor standing in India. As ubiquitous as stealing songs and movie plots is, it is disturbing that media who is responsible for unravelling the truth and ensuring fairness would do something like this. Can’t you let your voice be heard somehow ?

  4. tina at |

    Indian media is pathetic in this regard. They steal content, blatantly copy full articles and interviews, make up fake quotes, and take comments out of context to spice up stories. It’s the land of yellow journalism.

  5. javajive at |

    Yes I think you should charge them for it or at least shoot off a strongly worded letter. As a fellow writer/blogger I feel your pain.

  6. asmozonic at |

    WHAT were the producers and channel guys THINKING?!!! or maybe not thinking at all! is the cash crunch at KF to be blamed?!
    to P&P…just in case you ladies decide to pursue this case…ALL THE BEST to you!

  7. BoyA at |

    Sue ’em! Its not like they’ve not a got a team of fashion journalists working on their shows! And regardless of whether they do or not, PLAGIARISM is WRONG! Besides, the trend in question is a micro-trend, and not one of those generically spotted trends like ‘Florals for Spring’, its something you guys have spotted and researched on, and put out their in the public as an authority on fashion. Also being a fashion journalist myself, I see no plausible reason as to why they couldn’t have credited you, except for wantong to look smarter than they actually are. Its just Wrong, and they should at least issue a public apology!

  8. Pritha at |

    there has to be a way to sue these people that blatantly pick ideas from blogs! This is outrageous!

  9. Aditi Kumavat at |

    I really think you should publicize this matter on a larger level and drag them to their knees. They don’t just owe you credit and compensation, but an apology as well. That too on the same show. Take this very seriously and do not let them get away with it. As a lawyer myself, I believe you have strong remedies against this blatant plagiarism. Use them.

  10. PC at |

    P &P, what about spilling the beans on their facebook page? Spewing venom on their website? Or sending a note to their rival channel. You MUST, must must take action. This plagiarism juggernaut has to STOP!

  11. kasthuri at |

    I first that that NDTV can say that they combined these images together. But well, they could atleast have tried varying the arrangement a little.
    Have a really bad impression of this channel and the program. More people should know about it.

  12. nida at |

    Hey Payal & Priyanka :)

    This is just sad. You should definitely contact them and let them know that this is not done, because they may continue this in the future. They’ve not only offended you, but us being your fans, have been offended as well.

    But who knows, apparently they are following your blog, so they might as well will come accross this post. Hopefully.


  13. tanya at |

    yes when i saw the show that day thats what i was wondering that all content was posted on ur site first.

  14. Adit at |

    Well, its a case of blurred lines really. WE in India, do not know the fine line between copying and stealing, or for that matter the fine line between giving credit where its due and otherwise. Having said that, this story of green was carried by Harpers Bazaar UK addition in Dec.. I know, I picked it up in UK.

  15. Honey at |

    This is absolutely ridiculous. How can they lift stuff off a site with no credit? Don’t let this slide P&P. Plagiarism is WRONG, and the channel (or at any rate, the team that runs this show) need a lesson.

  16. Myla at |

    This is just cheap. Such a huge chanel and so lazy to even seek permission. Unfortunately, although wrong, this goes on across the board online. I used to have a food/cooking blog and was horrified to see my recipes and pictures lifted by other bloggers quite blatantly. I can somehow justify recipes but pictures? I know how it feels. As others have suggested, let them know. If theyre stubborn we can all sign something or make a lot of noise. At the very least, its just rude.

  17. Mitasha at |

    I’m not sure about the validity of the legal action that you guys can take, but Im sure that the readership that your blog has garnered gives you an authority to write to someone at the channel or infact even a column at newspaper/mag to draw their attention to the fact that they should stop insulting everyone’s intelligence.

    Even if this is whats being discussed in most international fashion portals, you guys made an effort to produce an independent article and the least they could’ve done is attributed the work to you and made sure that your blog shares the credit as well! :)

  18. veenu at |

    Holly ho! That’s really sad.. As in even when I did my assignments by cut pasting, I ensured that sequence is changed and it’s not from one single source and it has my additional inputs.

    This on the other hand is complete cut, paste and no credits either. So I might not be the most ethical person, these guys seem to be worst…

  19. beehive at |

    Use twitter to embarrass these guys. If you can get any Bollywood celebrity to re-tweet your tweet, if you would get lot more visibility.

  20. Viz at |

    Absolutely apalled!! Can’t believe ndtv is silly enough to do something like this. Not only have they plagiarized but they have been stupid enough to do it off one of the most popular fashion websites in India like they’d get away with it!!
    Have no idea about how far you can take this legally but you should def name n shame them. The world is a small place now really, due to the Internet..and word spreads like fire here! So def contact some rival news channel n get the story out.

  21. Ngm82 at |

    Yuck! Iam never gonna watch tht show again!! Sorry for u P and P..

  22. Style at |

    The Style team of Im too Sexy for my shoes apologizes to for not providing due credit on the show. Due credits will be provided for repeats of the episode.

    Apologies for the mess up. Truly Sorry.

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