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  1. ooogle :) at | | Reply

    who wud wear the ‘Ooogle’ sari

  2. Ragini at | | Reply

    Satya Paul rocks, but some of the over the top creative ramp wear is meant to be for the ramp and for celebrities who have “who knows what agenda”.

    Maybe Google can gift the sarees to the desi “noogles”(official google term for new google employees)

  3. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Well… who wud hav thot that d most traditional of indian garments cud look so appealing?

    Kudos to Satya Paul for the Pop Art collection… now one doesnt need 2 stick wid westerns 2 look cool and add a little of glamor n funk!

    PS: Wen do these hit stores?

  4. bombaygirl at | | Reply

    I would so totally wear the Ooogle sari! What a statement! ;)

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