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  1. PC at | | Reply

    Love the nayi naveli dulhan look she is in.. As always Gorgeous..

  2. slc at | | Reply

    Love the jewels especially!

  3. Sanu at | | Reply

    Beautiful with min. makeup and ornaments.. Love the sari and ornaments. Real beauty

  4. $ at | | Reply

    Potli bag would have completed this look b’fully…none the less Sri look beautiful !! gorgeous lady

  5. blahbum at | | Reply

    was she styled by maheshwari?

  6. Kiara at | | Reply

    Thats not a gold jewellery set. It’s a polki rani-haar!

  7. leoninelion at | | Reply

    whyyy the bag????

    1. SB at | | Reply

      because it’s a Hermes?

  8. Megha at | | Reply

    I’m forever jealous of her jewelry collection

  9. Adara at | | Reply

    Sridevi in a sari. Now who can beat that? Ha! So beautiful.

  10. neha at | | Reply

    she always wears t most perfect n t most xpensiv jewels…v v refined taste she has in respect to jewellery

  11. Sherry at | | Reply

    The bag does not go with the look at all..the size, style and color of the bag all clash with the outfit. Minus that it’s a gorgeous look

  12. FashionKitty at | | Reply

    Gorgeous saree/On the fence about the gold blouse.
    Gorgeous necklace/Earrings- too big
    hair- not working.

  13. kasthuri at | | Reply

    She looks lovely as she always does in traditional wear.

  14. eclat at | | Reply

    Toooo much gold… wish she’d kept just the earrings or the necklace not both and changed the blouse. But how is this woman 50? Doesn’t look it at all!

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