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    the blouse is all wrong. And in an ideal world I would change the lip color to a softer shade of red rather than pink which is clashing with the bindi. otherwise, she looks gorgeous.

    1. swati at | | Reply

      i thought the same too….apart from that…she is flawless:-)

  3. Puja at | | Reply

    WoW!! So charming..

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    OMG, she looks absolutely gorgeous – perfect

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    Loveeee!!! She looks amazing, so simple and elegant.

  6. Tia at | | Reply

    Maria has such a bright and pleasant face, that she always come across as beautiful! You could dress this lady in a sack and she would look good with that smile.

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    Love this look.

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    Love the sari . By the way who is she a model?

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    Elegant. She looks effortlessly lovely.

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    super gorgeous….love

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    her and tisca chopra rock sari looks. Super stylish. Wish she had the pallu a little further away from the neck.. but thats just a teeny meeny thing.

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    Maria – absolutely gorgeous – I love reading her blog and this glow on her face can only come from within … the beautiful person that she comes across as … love her!

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    she’s looking lovely!!!

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    lovely sari–heavy handed with accessories and makeup

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