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  1. Myla at | | Reply

    I think Sania looks great; the colour really suits her (yuck tan lines). Avantika though – sigh – the girl really needs to get a stylist ASAP. And whats with the kabuki make up?

  2. RM at | | Reply

    Tan lines are the hazards of being a sportsperson.. quite a distraction though here.. but that aside didnt dig her dress.. and didnt like avantika’s also any bit.. both pretty ladies and we have seen them do better…

  3. Coffee at | | Reply

    oh good lord, someone get that girl a stylist ASAP.

  4. RS at | | Reply

    Dislike both the draped dresses but Sania’s pink and grey does have potential. Avantika! Why would you choose such an unflattering silhouette? It swallows you whole!

  5. sachita at | | Reply

    hey go easy on sport stars she plays on the court – tan lnes are accepted!

  6. fashionOZ at | | Reply

    OMFG @ those tan lines!!!

  7. kara at | | Reply

    I hope Avantika is not ill. She doesn’t look healthy at all.

  8. reply at | | Reply

    i feel bad for sania. cant think of many ways to hide the tan lines. PnP – any suggestions?

    avantika malik always looks like she has too much foundation on. too much concealer. her lips looks pale. ghostly.

    1. halieboro at | | Reply

      Dont feel bad far her she makes millions getting those line… feel bad for yourself!

  9. annie at | | Reply

    this post should be tagged as wtheyy

  10. dn at | | Reply

    Sania should be proud of her tan lines. Well deserved, she is playing very well on the doubles circuit.

    1. sabrina at | | Reply

      i agree! athletes are allowed to have tan lines!
      but this is definitely a what they hey for avantika. she looks positively mad. another princess leia inspiration.

  11. karishma at | | Reply

    i hope avantika burnt that dress when she got home that night. she would have looked better in just a top and jeans or trousers. more fitted clothes look better on her body type.

    1. sabrina at | | Reply

      no definitely not fitted. she has such a tricky body type, that i think she should try outfits and see what looks best.

      1. karishma at | | Reply

        my sister has a similar body type to avantika – petite frame with big chest and of an average weight. and fitted clothes look a million times better because they give a shape and a silhouette. and she did try out lots and lots of clothes b4 coming to that conclusion. :-)

  12. Lin at | | Reply

    This is ridiculous. So what if she has tan lines? It’s obviously from her outdoors practice. Everyone knows she’s a sportsperson.

    So she should spray tan those tan lines? Go out in the sun and get suntanned without her sports gear? What?

    Good for her for not doing either of those things.

  13. Clio at | | Reply

    Oh dear! Both just awful looks. Sania must know about camouflaging those ugly tan lines with makeup…. And poor little Avantika looks both frumpy and exhausted.

  14. Lin at | | Reply

    Another thing. I don’t think people in India particularly care about tan lines. It doesn’t really need to grow into the “basic fashion rule” there.

    There are enough ridiculous standards thrust upon women even without another western standard entering the fray.

    1. Lin at | | Reply

      And yes, I know Sania’s picture is from London and not India.

    2. halieboro at | | Reply

      I would press thousands like for your comment! i just wrote on similar lines (hope they publish)…and now saw yours too…
      For some reasons the whole tan issue really pissed me off…

      1. RS at | | Reply

        Actually on second thoughts I agree. PnP, you shouldn’t have brought up the tan lines, it’s no big deal – it’s not a fashion faux pas and she is a sports star not a model and she definitely does NOT need to know how to cover up tan lines. Ridiculous is right.

  15. aparna at | | Reply

    aww poor sania, what can she do with those tan lines…i didn’t know she was still playing….and poor avantika her stylist pulled a fast one on her and she doesn’t know it :-(

    1. leanee at | | Reply

      Good one!! ha ha…

  16. SS at | | Reply

    Honestly….since a long time i havent seen a more funny dresser than Avantika :P

  17. halieboro at | | Reply

    Who are these people commenting on tan lines… i mean are you guys for real..get in the real world and do something other than fashion …

    1. Malini at | | Reply

      Yea, so what are YOU doing here on a fashion blog lecturing everyone else?
      Hypocrite much?

    2. Jhavi at | | Reply

      You need to practice the mantra of “Live and Let Live” instead of having a tizzy fit over other people’s opinions.

    3. Provo at | | Reply

      Agree. It was a sports related party,in London.. so there would be many more sport persons with so-called tan lines. No big deal, i’ve been there n seen many. PnP – Cummon girls, you can do better than that !

  18. airy fairy at | | Reply

    sania looks fab (compared to her earlier appearances ) ………i am totally fine with the tan lines …….she is a sports star for god sake …….actually i am glad that she dosnt spend hour’s mulling over these silly details ……..

  19. Iris at | | Reply

    how is someone berating Sania for her tan lines different from someone who defends a “good” filmmaker or a brilliant actress for dressing poorly? HHC is all about appearances — yes, we’re shallow like that, but at least everyone’s measured by the same yardstick.

    1. Madhu at | | Reply

      Totally Agree! It’s ok for us to complain about the tan lines bcoz this is a fashion blog, and it’s also ok for Sania to show up with them bcoz she is a sportsperson.

      1. Myla at | | Reply

        My sentiments exactly! Sania is a wonderful role model for young girls in South Asia and she is and should be applauded for that. Nobody resents her tan lines, but I’m sure even she will agree that they look do look yuck. I have scars from childhood on my legs (falling off bikes and trees) and I do wear short stuff, anyone looking at my legs would think ‘yuck’ but heck I’m proud of my scars. I had a happy, busy childhood. Go SANIA! :D

  20. rina at | | Reply

    wow those are some serious tan lines. maybe a little makeup to tone it down? tan lines are ok but her ankles/feet look a bit too weird here. Other than that like sania. Colour is fab! Avantika is so frumpy! Someone get her a stylist NOW

  21. nishkps4581 at | | Reply

    uneven tan, sun burns are occupational hazards for sports personality. I do not mind them but she could have worn better dress instead of draping bed sheet. As for Avantika, she is suffering from 70s star wife syndrome. Hope Imran is not suffering from 70s star syndrome.

  22. kalyani at | | Reply

    Hi RS the silhouette which avantika is wearing really gr8 in actual. it is from the upcoming designer in Uk. But i feel that she is too short to carry off the length of the garment and so the dress and avantika both r looking bad.

  23. me at | | Reply

    these dresses are made for supper slim super tall girls so both of them need to throw their dresses away and do not wear it again..as for sania tan line..honey have you heard of spray tan or tanning creme..well get some and rub it on your feet and your hand to make the skin look a little darker and help blend in with your tan..as for Emeran’s wife..the dress is not again for short focx..what is up with the big flower.honey u are short u need to wear body fitted dresses with delicated accesories ..u can not carry big things like that big black flower

  24. sara at | | Reply

    sania’s dress is ultimate PAINDO!!!looks like a sack!

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