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  1. A complaint at | | Reply

    I am sorry to say this but your site has gotten v boring of late. It used to be good when you guys covered more interesting people. It was good when you added a bit more to the comments than just say, what do you guys think.Also, when you guys participated in the comments section, it used to be a bit more personal. Now, its losing its touch.

  2. Sandra at | | Reply

    While you are working to make things better consider this: Don’t lead people or better yet refrain from giving your opinion. I don’t think two ladies who seriously did not make a good impression on me during their own photo shoot should be nit picking on people or choosing who look better because this right here is a good example of bad taste. Sameera looks very sophisticated in that dress, her accessories are simple, the whole look is pleasing. So, get the point?

    1. Sam Girl at | | Reply

      I think the opposite. I *want* to read more of their criticism and opinions. It’s *their* blog. What’s the point of posting pictures and letting the general public do the commenting. I think it’s extremely lazy when they just post pictures and say, “What do you think?” If this website is created with an inspiration from the Fug Girls, then it should follow what those girls do – go ahead and make hilarious judgments on what these “celebs” wear. Just my two cents.

    2. Sabrina at | | Reply

      what the what? i am a little unclear about what you said. are you suggesting that they (payal/priyanka) should not offer criticism or their own opinions? i am not sure, but if so, this is a reply to that.
      i think its fun and personal when you guys offer your own opinion. thats the point of a blog, right? the best thing about a blog is that it offers you your own voice and you sort of build a little community of people. so, no…don’t even think about refraining from giving your opinion, you are pretty good at it and thats the purpose of a blog.

    3. Bsimple at | | Reply

      It’s hilarious how frustrated you sound !!! An opinion expressed by anyone on a very public forum such as this but regulated by two women who have their OWN opinion on someone’s dressing sense bothers you? Oh, and of course, their dressing sense didn’t impress you either so they should refrain from giving out their opinion?

      It would be just great to see you come up w/ your own blog, dedicate time to bring latest trends, mishaps, fashion blunders, fashion weeks blah blah blah and then I wouldn’t be surprised to read the disclaimer: I will refrain from commenting about fashion choices and I ask the readers to do the same…LOL!

      Jeez…take a chill pill!

    4. Binz at | | Reply

      If you were so unimpressed, why do you continue to visit the site…odd on your part…P&P, you guys do a great job, and if I disagree, it’s okay because that’s what fashion is all about! By the way, I think Sameera wins this round!

    5. Coffee at | | Reply

      Okay, there is such a thing as constructive criticism and then there is this. This website is based on the girls’ opinion. If they didn’t give their opinion, then how would the blog still exist? If you don’t want to read their opinions, then don’t come to this blog anymore, simple as that. Some people… **rolls eyes**

      1. chitown-fashionista at | | Reply

        P & P – you are doing a great job, it is YOUR blog and you should give your opinion the way it is. Yes, sometimes the fashion is repetitive, but that is because ppl choose to wear uninteresting clothes. Yes, sometimes opinions are biased – but every personal opinion is. I started reading this blog 3 years ago, and I have learnt a lot about fashion through your blog. I totally appreciate the time and effort you put into this blog. And if some ppl don’t want to read your opinions about the fashion presented here, then the simplest thing is not to visit the blog!!

  3. neha at | | Reply

    yes right ….i always hate sussane’s hair

  4. Ratna at | | Reply

    I think Sussanne’s skirt is too high.

  5. Gris at | | Reply

    both the dresses are nice.. :)

  6. mj15 at | | Reply

    sameera loooks waaaaaaay better here! there’s no comparison. her look s sophisticated and sleek while susanne looks like 30 going on 13…everythig about the look is wrong. the dress itself, the hair and the shoes…

    1. zz at | | Reply

      Is Suzanne only 30 years old? Her extreme weight loss makes look a lot older.

      Neither of dresses looks that great – but by comparison, have to give it to Sameera.

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