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      +1 ,then another +1 !

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        Damn Mama work it!!!!

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    the makeup looks terrible

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    After a disasterous last few appearances, redemption.
    She looks so chic, stunning.

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    Oh my, it’s perfect!

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    The make up looks really off – making her look really old! The outfit is nice.

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    She looks good.

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    Pretty granny:P

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    I agree with HHC, damn good. The stylist Meghna really can think out of the box

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    I don’t think this is a flattering silhouette on her at all…she looks chunky and those clunky heels ain’t helpin’ either…

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    She looks great!!!

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    She looks great but the necklace is hideous.

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    I think I’ve officially gone blind… I do not see what all you guys see here.. I see a good looking woman that has been transformed into a tired looking granny with the help of bad make-up, a frumpy ankle-length skirt and a boxy cropped blouse possibly by a pissed-off stylist.

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      Man i couldn’t agree with you more. I was scrolling down and seeing all these comments on how awesome she looks and yet I hated the way she is made up here. If she is trying to look like a 70 year old yes the stylist has done a perfect job.I mean sameera is gorgeous and to make her look this bad takes some talent alright.

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      totally agree and so glad i’m not alone
      about the ONLY thing i like in this look is her hair
      the outfit gives her no shape and those shoes make it worse
      i preferred her random quirky fashion to this

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        Totally agree. Not liking this at all but I think the makeup is even more off than the outfit!

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