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  1. Baby at | | Reply

    I think she looks really cute.

  2. DISGUSTED at | | Reply

    I have been following this website since last week, and I have to say I am AMAZED at the sheer idiocy that smacks from these pages. I read the posts/comments to amuse myself on how people who probably have not even a quarter of the “charm”, “clothes sense”, “hot bod”, “beauty” etc etc of the people they take swipes at, do it so liberally and pretend to be experts at something which they probably have no clue about. Read yourselves and think about how you sound. “Priyanka has the same boring look and has bad hair”, “Vidya doesn’t do anything other than anarkali and she looks so auntyji and why doesn’t she do something about it” — I mean, what the “heyy”! do any of you who so uncharitably comment have even an ounce of what it takes to be them? Would anybody even look at you if you wore the same clothes? (and what kind of clothes DO you wear, put it up here and let’s see). I suggest you take a good hard look in the mirror and think about it …

    In case you were so lost as to not notice, you guys sound like vicarious nitwits fed on fashion with more time on your hands than sense in your head.

    1. m at | | Reply

      wow.. is all i have to say…since we can’t show our face we must be super ugly with zero fashion sense..

      1. m at | | Reply

        and no body invited you to VISIT the site.. DONT LIKE IT… DON’T COME.. simple:)

        1. m at | | Reply

          and yeah we gone lots of time on our hands.. lucky us… yippe what a life..


          1. debs at |


            One doesnt have to be the Prime Minister to express opinions about the the way the country is run. Same is true about art, poetry, cinema, music and anything else that does not gurantee absoluteness. What is meant to be seen by the public, will be evaluated by the public.

            Also, there is this little thing calles freedom of speech. Relax. Go watch a Govinda movie. Have a little fun.

          2. Priyanka at |

            I love you m… and ya Ms or Mr discgusted I guess you might be one of the celebs got in to our trap of truth… hahaha…
            I feel pity on you

          3. charan at |

            so, if i understand it right, i can never compliment someone that they look nice because i dont look nice??

          4. Cupcake at |

            m, don’t bother replying to such a nincompoop is all i gotta say! :)

          5. DC at |

            Hee hee hee M :D Someone (read “Disgusted” ) who typed a long message remembering to put in quotes frm other messages definitely has time on their hands, me thinks :))

    2. Touche at | | Reply

      Disgusted, it’s just fashion and each person’s opinion. Don’t get so bent out of shape!

    3. pdaervo at | | Reply

      Look at it as constructive criticism ( your comment is INCREDILBY ironic)…and clothes do make the man after all.
      and darling, fame is luck- nothing else ;)

    4. debs at | | Reply

      And oh, I for one, definitely dress more interesting that Anu Diwan…and I dont even have a Birkin. ;)

      1. debs at | | Reply

        Oh damn. That was meant for Disgusted’s comment. Sorry Touche. :)
        PnP, try and put a delete button in.

    5. also disgusted. at | | Reply

      hahahahhahahah. i want to give this person an award. also, ive always always always wondered, WHAT do pnp,pdaervo,nefertiti and virgovixen and club look like/wear?

      i mean, maybe theyre all dilli aunties or soon will be. hahahahhahahaha with more time in their hands than sense in their head.

      1. also disgusted. at | | Reply

        HAHAHAHAHA also, at the what ‘the’ ‘heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy’

        ive always wondered which amazingly lame person invented that term.

    6. Anita at | | Reply

      we might look ugly according to you but what a judgemental little perv you are! ugliness in the head I guess. take a good look inside maybe?

    7. k at | | Reply

      why are u getting so worked up :P lol if u dont like the site why are you wasting your time writing and reading all this lol….

    8. bins at | | Reply

      I do agree, it’s disheartening to see some of the mean comments, but we can’t take it personally :)

    9. Arti at | | Reply

      Wow…you sound like a celeb who is just butt hurt to be picked on hiding behind a name. When celebs sign to be famous and “out there”, then they should know that this constant “criticism, comments” come with the fame. I live in America and there are about a gazillion sites where they comment on the what the celebs wore or should not have worn. Believe me, celebs don’t spend an insane amount of money on clothes, shoes, bags just to go unnoticed.

      So you really should go take a hike?

    10. KK at | | Reply

      Dude – take a chill pill!

    11. NJ at | | Reply

      O protector of the rights, dignity and emotions of filmstars, whether we are here because running other people down makes us feel good or because we have too much time on our hands, it is entirely up to us. The very fact that you are on this site and reading and responding to these comments proves that you are not so different from us ‘nitiwits’ as you would like to believe. We need not look and dress like goddesses to comment on these ‘stars’ because unlike them , we do not get paid or charge millions for our public appearances. They do, and they are open to public criticism and comments because of it. That is the life of a public figure, like it or not, so you can take your ‘sensible’ comments and shove them.

      1. Shweta at | | Reply

        LOL Well said:P

    12. preeths at | | Reply

      hey disgusted

      we cant help it; we would like to comment on world peace and the pulitzer prize, but the moderators have a strict comment policy where they approve only and only fashion related comments. :) we would also love to be able to put up our own pics but external links are not allowed :(

      hence all we can do with the “time on our hands” is to share our enviable fashion gyan with lesser mortals :P

      1. akaa at | | Reply

        So very well said!!

    13. Bubbles at | | Reply

      umm…is that Sameera Reddy writing this comment? lol …chill girl!

      1. Bubbles at | | Reply

        That comment was for ‘disgusted’ and ‘also disgusted’

  3. Ranjani at | | Reply

    She looks good, and its nice to see that she didn’t cake her legs up with foundation unlike PC!

  4. Antonia at | | Reply

    Her dress is awesome. Her skin looks amazing. But her shoes are a huge letdown for me.

  5. padma at | | Reply

    what is this dress, too much going on, what are those crosses on the side. But she does look good, just cause she is so good looking and has a nice body.

  6. gems at | | Reply

    You snatched the words out of my mouth DISGUSTED. So true.

  7. nefertiti at | | Reply

    @disgusted: I am glad to see you defending celebrities. I can assure you that most of the pictures that appear here are from red carpets or publicity shots – and those by definition are meant for public consumption. We are not critiquing anyone’s acting ability here- clearly because we are all neither actors nor in acting school. But you must admit that when someone chooses to walk a red carpet in 1000 dollar shoes, there is something to be said about not looking good.

    And I am sure many of the women commenting here do have better fashion sense than a couple of celebs featured on the blog. I have learnt a lot about fashion by visiting this blog. And don’t think all the commenters are just out to get these celebs.

  8. pdaervo at | | Reply

    ANYWAYS, when I first saw Sameera (in that Meter Down song) I thought she was extrememly hot- what with the retro vampish look and all. I don’t see much of that these days :/
    I loose the dress at the x’s at her hips and the weird lacey thing that’s the hem. Also the earrings …yeah and the shoes

  9. sanjukta at | | Reply

    she has slimmed and toned down from before na? looking good…but dress is not that fab though….

    @ disgusted..i envy you..you are out of work only since the past week….look at us ! we are perpetually out of work ! lucky you :)

  10. KT at | | Reply

    she has lost oodles of weight… looks so hot.. dont care about the dress!!!

  11. mj at | | Reply

    she look sgood..actually one of her better looks.
    but the real revelation here is learning that priyanka chopra cakesher legs with foundations….now i finally get why her legs like she is wearing some sort of weird pantyhose..my “aha” moment of the day :-) maybe someone shud tell her about luminizers she can add to her lotion for a good all round sheen ;-)

  12. Sandra at | | Reply

    DISGUSTED really spoke for me. I would love to see the profile of the posters…how good they look 24/7.

  13. Belle at | | Reply

    agree with nefertiti.

    @disgusted: thing is, yes we don’t know what it is like for them, yes we may not know what it took them to get to that level. but now that they have achieved that status, they should take care since they will be in the public eye.
    And we expect them to be perfect, because at the end of the day, it is an IMAGE that celebrities sell. Each celebrity is their own brand, and if advertising agencies try and make their brand look as hot as possible, then why not the celebrities.

    Clothes make the (Wo)Man.

    btw people, has Sameera ever worn pumps?

  14. NJ at | | Reply

    She looks amazing from the neck up! I love her skin tone and make-up…its pretty.

  15. desigirl at | | Reply

    @disgusted. if u hate it so much stop visiting. noone will miss u.

  16. Cupcake at | | Reply

    FUGLY and a definite WTHEY!!!

  17. Kimmy at | | Reply

    Are those…rosettes at the hem of her dress? Oh, sweetie.

  18. Kimmy at | | Reply

    Are those…rosettes at the hem of her dress? Oh, sweetie. Oooh…just, oooh.

  19. bo at | | Reply

    she looks much slimmer than she normally does! well done on the weight loss, however the dress is a mess of a design.

  20. R at | | Reply

    It’s a hideous outfit. And the footwear makes it worse.

    @disgusted: Don’t like it – don’t drop by. What’s the point of being a troll?

  21. Monkey at | | Reply

    @Belle: I think she has worn pumps. PnP did a post on her Ferragamos before.

  22. Carol at | | Reply

    @Disgusted, this is a FASHION blog. Why would you come here if you are not interested in fashion and feedback?

    HHC have been good about restricting comments to just fashion so haters cannot act crazy here. They went through a rough period where is was not a pleasant site to visit.

    I disagree with a lot of the comments here but only as it relates to what I think looks good or bad fashion wise.

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