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  1. bunnybunny at | | Reply

    the saree is to die for, simply love it and the drape is very good too, she looks nice expect for that blouse…

  2. pipita at | | Reply

    why would anyone pair that beautiful saree with that blouse? traditional is good. why add these unnecessary “twists”?

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      Bindi and Jasmine fowers with silk saree can never go wrong.

  3. malini at | | Reply

    Saree is typical middle class 50 year old auntyji sari…don’t like the wide green border.

    1. aaroohii at | | Reply

      while there is nothing wrong with a typical auntiji sari, I do agree with a comment made by someone under kareena’s pic which said that p&p are acting like MIL’s who want women to dress in typical wear.

    2. bunnybunny at | | Reply

      Priyanka and Payal, you dont think this comment is offensive? first references are made to servant maid and their sarees and now midle class women?
      looks like miss malini is a Birla or an Ambani and her mother probably wears a Manish Malhotra to bed but an awful lot of Indians are middle class and have worn Kanchi sarees such as these for ages..
      its perfectly fine dissect the beauty or lack of the saree but not make immature classist comments..
      I guess this is why designers like Sabyasachi are pushing so hard to bring back Indian Handloom and silk weaves because the Indian market is so inundated with blingy crap that a whole a generation believes that anything that comes out of your mother’s closet is outdated, middle class, servant maid material or auntyji type of clothes..

      1. POP at | | Reply

        bunnybunny *clap clap*
        Couldn’t agree with you any more

      2. it at | | Reply

        i agree with bunny bunny.
        Its how u wear it that makes the difference. You can just wear a 150 Rs saree with good styling and can look elegant.
        It doesn’t always have to be bling and designer sarees. You need to be little creative when dress and any one can look beautiful.

      3. Desimom at | | Reply

        Well said Bunnybunny !!

      4. Sheetala at | | Reply

        I completely agree with bunnybunny!!! Why are we discarding our traditional weaves?

      5. Indigirl at | | Reply


      6. Sabita at | | Reply

        I love traditional weaves and they are 100% classier than these blingy sarees that a lot of people think is so fashionable,something like the ugly LV and Gucci monogram monstrosities.
        Middle-class is the muse for a lot of designers the world over.
        And a lot of rich socialites on this blog nevertheless are classic examples of how no matter how “upper-class” you are there is no accounting for taste.

  4. SLC at | | Reply

    Lovely saree, but the blouse just doesn’t look right.

  5. Ritu at | | Reply

    Granny’s sari pulled out…..but why on earth with THAT blouse?….. Beautiful face n hair though.

  6. tosh at | | Reply

    auntiji namaste!

  7. pune pasha at | | Reply

    P&P u loosing it! that got to be a WTHEY!

    1. Nav at | | Reply

      EXACTLY! Not impressive from any angle…

  8. DiptiN at | | Reply

    Beautiful sari, love the green/pink combo, the blouse is horrible, wish she had stayed with a blouse in pink or green.

  9. Éclat at | | Reply

    I read somewhere she said she had finally found the right foundation shade after years of searching. Methinks, she’s got to look some more.

  10. Ena at | | Reply

    The sari is beautiful, nothing ‘auntiji’ about it. Its graceful and handwoven.
    The blouse n make-up however arnt up to scratch.

  11. fisheyes at | | Reply

    I like the black blouse. I think given the bright colors of the saree any other blouse would have made the look loud. this contrast makes it look more together and less ott. she looks great :)

  12. blmr1102 at | | Reply

    The sari is nice but somehow, the overall effect is that it seems to age her.

  13. The Mad Momma at | | Reply

    The foundation is off. The hair falling on her face is awful – that hairstyle doesn’t work.
    And that particular cotton blouse with that particular saree doesn’t work.
    All in all – meh.

  14. fashionista at | | Reply

    cheap make up!
    bad choice on the blouse! this shows Sameera always tries too hard! SAD!

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