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Closing out the final day of Blenders Pride Fashion Tour were Sameera Reddy (for Neeta Lulla) and Sushmita Sen (for Vikram Phadnis).

Sameera wore a fusion ensemble featuring a waistcoat with chain-embellished back and a sequin train attached to the vest with black pants. Am all about the showstopper outfit being a lil’ out there and this surely fits the billing but let’s hope someone doesn’t decide to wear this in real life just because it was shown on the runway. :P (Remember Genelia?)

After seeing Perizaad look beautiful in a Phadnis lehenga, the gown on Sushmita just feels so disconnected, especially considering the rest of the collection was so traditional. Add to that, the belt (Sushmita’s own). Sitting higher than the natural hipline of the gown, it didn’t quite break up the gown like it was meant to.

Sushmita Sen for Vikram Phadnis at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour

Sameera Reddy for Neeta Lulla at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. I am loving Sush’s look….the gown itself is okay but have to say that her confidence makes everything work…….I absolutely adore her……

    • I came into the comments section to say the exact same thing! Have nothing to say about Sameera’s Mandrake apearance but with Sush, it really is as if the clothes don’t matter. She looks so comfortable and seems to be having fun doing what she’s doing. Can Deepika and Malaika take a leaf out of her book?

      • Mandrake appearance – RS that description hit the nail on the head!

        BTW.. love Sush.. she oozes charisma and class! do i sound crazy if i say that with a few minor modifications, this would make a great lehenga!

        • I came here to say the same thing!! While I think the gown is in itself quite good, Sush just makes it ROCK!

          Royal, regal and bridal too!

  2. sushmita has the personality of a miss universe.
    whatever be the dress she looks so regal.
    she is looking nice in that dress.

    as for sameera’s…what a horrible looking dress…or should I say horrible pants ???? or may be horrible dress pants.
    I dont know how she even agreed to wear them.

  3. well i would say she is Neeta Lulla is amazing designer better than many of our Indian designers..she has dressed Aishwarya in Jodha akbar n Devdas n Hum dil de chuke sanam n made her look like a dream

  4. the outfit worn by reddy is a disaster. no, PnP, cant agree with you that its just a little “out there”. this is just tasteless crap. face it.

  5. I really dont know how neeta lulla is still staying strong as a
    designer-is it all about knowing the right people/looking the ‘right type’/being form the ‘right town’??? her design sense is deplorable-this reminds me of that hideous outfit she made ash rai wear for Cannes a long time ago-what an embarrasment it was!!!
    Its realy sad how someone else with the talent may not be able to come up…
    A similar case to Ms luella is Mesaba-probably great gal, but no design talent. its unfair she got to have a show.


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