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  1. Rocky Mountain at | | Reply

    SHE LOOKS LOVELY!! She has good taste
    I cant believe Tamil Cinema has become SO glam though :P
    I recall the time of Suhasini and Revathy and Devayani etc… glamour quotient was a zero back then.
    I wonder when we will get some serious South Indian designers so these girls can wear “home grown” labels instead of Anamika Khanna and other blahs!! See too many of those on everyone, from Tellyworld to Bollywood

    1. Avani at | | Reply

      Tamil Cinema had a different kind of glam always. I have seen movies of the 80’s where Sridevi ji, Amala, Madhavi are killin it with good body and definitely some pretty clothes (compared to the other movie industries in the same decade). I recall Kamal’s movie Tic tic tic , all the lead female actors including Radha in a bikini, what an awesome movie with some good costumes. I forgot her name, she is Radhika ji’s sister I guess who rocked swimsuit in a Maniratnam’s movie. And Maniratnam’s movies always had the lead actors in pretty glam clothes and trendy for that time & age, IMO.

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  2. Avani at | | Reply

    She carries the look well mostly because of her body type. Very pretty in the second row of pics.

  3. colormenot at | | Reply

    Those abs!!
    She looks great.

  4. RK at | | Reply

    Sam please teach other South Indian actresses how to dress…this is HOT!

  5. Ali at | | Reply

    Your write-up has finish issues too, missing a verb…

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